War and Peace Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Prince Vasili is described in the beginning at Anna Pavlovna's soiree. What is Prince Vasili's most notable characteristic at this point in the story.

He speaks as a man who has learned his lines, known his part too long and is bored by it. He uses words of interest but his tone indicates complete indifference.

2. What are the obvious differences between Prince Andrew and Pierre that is illustrated at the start of the story?

Pierre is shy, uncomfortable with himself in polite society, and easily manipulated by his friends. Prince Andrew is bored, uncomfortable with others in society, and very confident. Pierre asks questions, makes statements, and then is embarrassed. With the exception of Pierre, Prince Andrew does not engage others in conversation unless required to, and comes across as cold and arrogant.

3. Why do the three princesses living at Count Bezukhov's treat Pierre so badly?

He is illegitimate and well known for his wild behavior. With the exception of when he is in the company of Anatole and Dolokhov, he is very awkward and unsure of himself.

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