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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 15, Chapters 1-8 | Part 15, Chapters 9-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Pierre's huge inheritance changed him financially?
(a) He notices that although he has more money than before, he often has to pay so much out that he must borrow in order to fulfill his obligations.
(b) He does not really pay attention to the fact that he is continually losing money.
(c) He is thrilled at having so much money that he has a huge surplus each month.
(d) He wishes he had never inherited the money, as life was much simpler before.

2. What happens to Kutuzov after he sees the Tsar at Vilna?
(a) He is sent by the Tsar to act as ambassador to France.
(b) He dies.
(c) He leaves Russia to retire in a sunny place.
(d) He goes home and writes his memoirs.

3. What sort of reputation does Princess Mary have as a prospective wife?
(a) She is regarded as extremely intelligent and socially adept.
(b) She is regarded as ugly and not particularly pleasant, but rich.
(c) She is regarded as very beautiful which makes up for her moderate fortune.
(d) She is regarded as very wealthy but very plain.

4. What does Dolokhov say to Rostov after the card game?
(a) "Shall we play again tomorrow?"
(b) "Unlucky at cards, lucky in love."
(c) "You have won, but I have won something much more important!"
(d) "Your luck is astounding."

5. How does Nicholas handle his family's financial problems?
(a) He gets upset with his mother for begging him to come back to help when he knows nothing about such things.
(b) He goes to speak to the steward, gets very angry, and kicks him out the door.
(c) Though he comes home to offer support, he is unable to do anything.
(d) He gets upset with his father for mismanaging their estates.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Pierre hear from Rostopchin and his adjutant when he arrives back in Moscow after Borodino?

2. What happens to Nicholas during the battle at Schon Grabern?

3. What do Anna Mikhaylovna, Prince Vasili and Catiche argue about outside of the old Count's room?

4. Who does Andrew stay with when he goes to Brunn?

5. What does Kutuzov ask Andrew to do after they speak of the old prince's death?

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