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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 15, Chapters 1-8 | Part 15, Chapters 9-15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Andrew goes to visit Pierre the night after the Bergs party. What does he discuss with him?
(a) He is considering going abroad to take a cure and wants to know if Pierre thinks it's a good idea.
(b) He had noticed Pierre's overall melancholy and wants to help him.
(c) His distress that the reforms he is drawing up are slow in materializing.
(d) His love for Natasha.

2. Why does Boris speed up his courting of Julie Karagina?
(a) He is madly in love with her and sees with each visit that she is increasingly receptive to his attentions.
(b) His leave is ending and he is having trouble finding time to visit with her as he has so much to do.
(c) His mother, Anna Mikhaylovna, tells him that Prince Vasili is trying to arrange a marriage between Julie and Anatole.
(d) He is madly in love with her and fears if he doesn't propose quickly, he will lose the opportunity.

3. Vera and Berg hold their first party. Who comes?
(a) The Count and Countess Rostov, the Bezukhovs, Berg's colonel, and Boris.
(b) The Bezukhovs, Boris, some of Berg's military connections and the Rostovs.
(c) Pierre, the Rostovs, Boris, a general, a colonel, Andrew, and some others.
(d) Pierre, the Rostovs, and Berg's superior officers.

4. What is Prince Vasili hoping to achieve by helping Pierre with his duties?
(a) He is merely doing what he thinks is the right thing; he hopes for nothing.
(b) He wants Pierre to marry his daughter, Helene.
(c) He hopes Pierre will look upon him as his father and give him money to pay his debts.
(d) He wants to elevate himself and his family in Russian society.

5. Who is the "King of Rome"?
(a) Napoleon's son.
(b) Davout.
(c) Murat.
(d) Barclay de Tolly.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kutuzov react when he hears that the French have left Moscow?

2. What happens when Dolokhov goes to spy in the French camp near the village?

3. Where does Pierre go the day after his duel?

4. What does Pierre do when he goes to St. Petersburg?

5. Who is sent to the staff quarters to inform them of the fact that the detachment sent to fight the French division encountered the entire army?

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