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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 10, Chapters 1-7 | Part 10, Chapters 8-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Boris speed up his courting of Julie Karagina?
(a) He is madly in love with her and fears if he doesn't propose quickly, he will lose the opportunity.
(b) He is madly in love with her and sees with each visit that she is increasingly receptive to his attentions.
(c) His mother, Anna Mikhaylovna, tells him that Prince Vasili is trying to arrange a marriage between Julie and Anatole.
(d) His leave is ending and he is having trouble finding time to visit with her as he has so much to do.

2. Who assists Anatole in his abduction of Natasha?
(a) Dolokhov and Helene.
(b) No one.
(c) Dolokhov.
(d) Helene.

3. Who is Ilagin?
(a) The Rostovs' uncle who lives near Otradnoe.
(b) A close family friend of the Rostov's who has a neighboring estate near Otradnoe.
(c) A distant relative and neighbor of the Rostov's at Otradnoe.
(d) The Rostovs' steward who works at Otradnoe.

4. What happens to Mary right after her father dies?
(a) The peasants on the land whom Andrew has freed refuse to let her leave for Moscow.
(b) The French enter the home and prevent her from leaving.
(c) The peasants on the land riot and keep her and Mlle. Bourienne confined to the house.
(d) Mlle. Bourienne persuades Mary to stay at Bogucharovo, but the peasants do not want them there.

5. Why does Kutuzov request Andrew to work with him?
(a) He wants to keep an eye on him.
(b) He wants Andrew to keep command of the troops as he (Kutuzov) is elderly.
(c) He needs an adjutant.
(d) He knew Andrew's father and knows Andrew to be a good soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. Natasha goes into the conservatory to hide when her family is first introduced. What is she waiting for?

2. Princess Mary wishes to speak to Andrew before he leaves about a specific request. What is it?

3. How does the old Prince Bolkonski react to Marya Dmitrievna's visit?

4. Boris is at a ball dancing with Helene at Vilna. Who arrives to speak with the tsar?

5. Prince Vasili in the beginning of Part 3 is described as...

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