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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 10, Chapters 1-7 | Part 10, Chapters 8-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shortly after Natasha's recovery from her illness, why does Pierre decide not to visit with the Rostovs anymore?
(a) He realizes that he is in love with Natasha and is made uncomfortable by her attentions to him.
(b) He becomes occupied in joining the army and cannot spend time with them.
(c) Countess Rostova tells him that Natasha is only happy when he is around.
(d) He is angry of Natasha's continued love for Andrew when Andrew refuses to forgive her.

2. How does Count Rostov react when he hears about Nicholas' card game?
(a) He is pleased that Nicholas has won so much money.
(b) He is excited as he had feared Nicholas would ask him for more money but with such a large win, Nicholas will not need it.
(c) He initially is agitated but regains his composure, says it will be difficult to raise the money, and leaves the room.
(d) He pays no attention; he is preoccupied with a problem with his steward.

3. How does Nicholas handle his family's financial problems?
(a) He goes to speak to the steward, gets very angry, and kicks him out the door.
(b) He gets upset with his father for mismanaging their estates.
(c) He gets upset with his mother for begging him to come back to help when he knows nothing about such things.
(d) Though he comes home to offer support, he is unable to do anything.

4. What does Dolokhov say to Rostov after the card game?
(a) "Unlucky at cards, lucky in love."
(b) "Your luck is astounding."
(c) "You have won, but I have won something much more important!"
(d) "Shall we play again tomorrow?"

5. When Pierre goes to Anna Pavlovna's soiree, he is especially delighted to see...
(a) Anna.
(b) Prince Andrew.
(c) Prince Vasili.
(d) Anna's relative.

Short Answer Questions

1. Nicholas is told to give a message to the Tsar. What happens after that?

2. Why does Prince Bolkonsky insist on teaching Mary geometry?

3. General Kutuzov does not want his troops to present themselves to the Austrian general in their great coats. Why?

4. Where does Pierre go the day after his duel?

5. At his home, what advice does Prince Andrew give to Pierre?

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