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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6, Chapters 1-7 | Part 6, Chapters 8-14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the Emperor receive Andrew's news about the battle?
(a) He listens to what he says, is happy, but seems to be speaking according to a script.
(b) He pays virtually no attention to anything Andrew has to say, asking only irrelevant questions.
(c) He is very upset about casualties in the Austrian army.
(d) He is happy to hear news of victory.

2. How does Count Rostov react when he hears about Nicholas' card game?
(a) He pays no attention; he is preoccupied with a problem with his steward.
(b) He is pleased that Nicholas has won so much money.
(c) He initially is agitated but regains his composure, says it will be difficult to raise the money, and leaves the room.
(d) He is excited as he had feared Nicholas would ask him for more money but with such a large win, Nicholas will not need it.

3. Dolokhov has been demoted and his superior officers have taken note of his outspokenness. How does the Schon Grabern battle go for him?
(a) His regiment wins their skirmish with the French.
(b) He turns cowardly and hides in some bushes.
(c) He is killed.
(d) He is badly wounded and unable to continue fighting.

4. How does Pierre approach the duel with Dolokhov?
(a) He has never shot a pistol before but refuses to apologize.
(b) He is indifferent because he is too drunk to understand the possible consequences.
(c) He is very confident that he will win as he is in the right.
(d) He is so distressed at the whole thing that he hopes he's shot.

5. What does Hippolyte talk about at Anna Pavlovna's soiree?
(a) He says nothing as he is painfully shy.
(b) He says, "Le Roi de Prusse!", laughs, and repeats himself; it is a joke but a pretty poor one.
(c) He wittily discusses the action at Austerlitz.
(d) He argues with Boris about the brilliance of Napoleon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Princess Mary leaves her father's study after speaking with him about the Kuragins. What occurs very shortly after that?

2. After the duel, Helene goes to speak to Pierre. What does she say?

3. What happens to Nicholas during the battle at Schon Grabern?

4. Andrew receives a letter from Bilibin. How does he react to it?

5. In the card game with Dolokhov and Nicholas, who wins and how much?

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