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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 11, Chapters 25-29 | Part 11, Chapters 30-34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Helene's mother react to her attempt to get divorced?
(a) She is upset at first but later determines that Helene is right.
(b) She is happy for her.
(c) She is furious as she has wanted to do the same.
(d) She is unhappy but hopes Pierre will give her a lot of money.

2. Why does Anna Mikhaylovna insist on taking Pierre to visit his father just before he dies?
(a) She is bored at the Rostovs' dinner.
(b) She wants to be sure that Pierre is his father's sole heir, and if she helps him, he will help Boris.
(c) She wants to meet Prince Vasili and ingratiate herself to him again.
(d) She is an interfering woman.

3. What prevents Anatole from openly courting Natasha?
(a) Anatole is already married.
(b) Natasha's engagement to Prince Andrew.
(c) Marya Dmitrievna dislikes the Kuragins and tells Natasha that she will not allow them in her home.
(d) Count Rostov is very protective of his daughter.

4. Andrew observes Prince Bagration in command. What does he notice about his methods of command?
(a) That Bagration's orders are random and chaotic.
(b) That Bagration's orders are very well thought out.
(c) That Bagration is enthusiastic and commanding which excites the men.
(d) That although Bagration does very little and gives few commands, his presence and tact calm and encourage everyone about him.

5. Nichols has returned to his regiment. How does the regiment respond to his arrival and how does he react?
(a) They are all busy but he is happy to be back with them.
(b) They all run to greet him and he feels as happy as he did at home with his family.
(c) They are all starving and he is happy to have brought provisions to share with them.
(d) They all are starving and irritable and he is frustrated at the thought of having no provisions.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Pierre has difficulty getting on a horse to ride with a general, how does the staff react to the sight of him?

2. What sort of man is Rostopchin?

3. Where does Andrew go after leaving Brunn?

4. What happens to Mary when she is leaving Bogucharovo for Moscow?

5. What engrosses Pierre after the duel?

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