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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, Chapters 1-4 | Part 4, Chapters 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pierre reflect upon after the duel with Dolokhov?
(a) That he is unfortunate for having so foul a temper that he would challenge someone he considers to be a good man and friend to a duel.
(b) That he hopes Helene still loves him and will have his child after all this.
(c) That he is totally to blame and he prays that Helene will forgive him for his profound error.
(d) That he has, so he thinks, killed a man for a depraved woman whom he has never loved.

2. How does the Emperor receive Andrew's news about the battle?
(a) He listens to what he says, is happy, but seems to be speaking according to a script.
(b) He is very upset about casualties in the Austrian army.
(c) He is happy to hear news of victory.
(d) He pays virtually no attention to anything Andrew has to say, asking only irrelevant questions.

3. Why does Kutuzov request Andrew to work with him?
(a) He knew Andrew's father and knows Andrew to be a good soldier.
(b) He wants to keep an eye on him.
(c) He needs an adjutant.
(d) He wants Andrew to keep command of the troops as he (Kutuzov) is elderly.

4. How does Pierre approach the duel with Dolokhov?
(a) He is very confident that he will win as he is in the right.
(b) He is so distressed at the whole thing that he hopes he's shot.
(c) He has never shot a pistol before but refuses to apologize.
(d) He is indifferent because he is too drunk to understand the possible consequences.

5. At the club dinner, what is Pierre so preoccupied with that he doesn't hear what is being said to him?
(a) He is tipsy with wine and is absentmindedly staring at a candlestick.
(b) He is bewildered by all the things people expect of him and wishes he had not inherited such responsibility with his fortune.
(c) He is angry that Dolokhov, who has no connections, has been made an officer but still lives off Pierre's good will and takes his money.
(d) He is reflecting on remarks Catiche has made and an anonymous letter saying that his wife is cheating on him with Dolokhov.

Short Answer Questions

1. Natasha goes into the conservatory to hide when her family is first introduced. What is she waiting for?

2. Princess Mary has her hair done in a different style for the guests. How does her father react to her?

3. What does Count Rostov do when his wife asks him for a large sum of money, 500 rubles?

4. Where does Andrew go after leaving Brunn?

5. Why does General Mack go to Kutuzov's camp?

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