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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 8, Chapters 13-17 | Part 8, Chapters 18-22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Princess Mary has her hair done in a different style for the guests. How does her father react to her?
(a) He tells her in front of them that he does not approve of it and never to do it again.
(b) He gets angry with her and tells her to leave his sight.
(c) He tells her that it is quite becoming.
(d) He pays no attention to it as he is not interested in such "feminine" things.

2. There is a lot of confusion on the bridge as the Russians try to cross it. What is their rush?
(a) They all want to get across to get their tea.
(b) The French are firing at them.
(c) They want to burn the bridge before the French get to it.
(d) They are trying to isolate the French so that the Austrian army will have them cornered.

3. How does Andrew react to his evening with the Rostovs in St. Petersburg?
(a) He is neither pleased nor displeased with them and pays the call merely out of courtesy.
(b) He enjoys himself, finds them charming, and Natasha's singing moves him nearly to tears.
(c) He enjoys himself very much but finds them to be too provincial.
(d) He is bored by them and has little in common with them.

4. Vera and Berg hold their first party. Who comes?
(a) Pierre, the Rostovs, and Berg's superior officers.
(b) The Count and Countess Rostov, the Bezukhovs, Berg's colonel, and Boris.
(c) The Bezukhovs, Boris, some of Berg's military connections and the Rostovs.
(d) Pierre, the Rostovs, Boris, a general, a colonel, Andrew, and some others.

5. What prevents Anatole from openly courting Natasha?
(a) Marya Dmitrievna dislikes the Kuragins and tells Natasha that she will not allow them in her home.
(b) Anatole is already married.
(c) Count Rostov is very protective of his daughter.
(d) Natasha's engagement to Prince Andrew.

Short Answer Questions

1. Natasha goes to her first grand ball. How does it go for her?

2. How does Natasha react when Anatole tells her he is in love with her?

3. Princess Mary leaves her father's study after speaking with him about the Kuragins. What occurs very shortly after that?

4. Why does General Mack go to Kutuzov's camp?

5. Why does Kutuzov request Andrew to work with him?

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