War and Peace Character Descriptions

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Prince Andrew Bolkonski - This character is a very intelligent but cold person who has great difficulty expressing feelings and is largely bored by society. This character has sorrow in life and wishes to withdraw but events lead to a change of attitude.

Elizabeth (Lise) Bolkonskaya - This character is relatively minor and dies fairly early. This character's death has a profound effect on a major character.

Princess Mary Bolkonskaya - This character is devoutly religious in a way which is irritating to family members. This character's disposition is genuinely kind even though this character's devotion to God is somewhat ridiculed.

Napoleon Bonaparte - This character directs and leads the French Army. Unfortunately, this character is egotistical and overestimates the French while underestimating the Russians and their climate.

Count Pierre Bezukhov - This character is initially like a leaf caught in a current and lives a dissipated...

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