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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator tell his wife about the Martians in order to reassure her?
(a) The Martians move very slowly.
(b) The Martians are very small.
(c) The Martians do not seem very dangerous.
(d) The Martians are very weak.

2. Where does the soldier hide until meeting the narrator?
(a) Under a pile of leaves.
(b) In a house.
(c) Under dead bodies.
(d) In the sewer.

3. What does the narrator see in the sky as he goes to town on his way back from the inn?
(a) A rocket.
(b) A lunar eclipse.
(c) A third cylinder falling.
(d) A military missile.

4. What are the locals doing when the soldier and the narrator go to check in with the soldiers?
(a) Standing in line for food.
(b) Calmly packing their things.
(c) Boarding up their houses.
(d) Frantically evacuating.

5. What is a Deputation?
(a) A group of journalists.
(b) A group of soldiers.
(c) A group of police officers.
(d) A group of delegates.

6. Where does the narrator meet the man who owns the land where the cylinder crashes?
(a) His house.
(b) The train station.
(c) On the common.
(d) In a restaurant.

7. What comes out of the pit after the Deputation signals the Martians?
(a) A missle.
(b) Fire.
(c) Green smoke.
(d) A Martian.

8. How is the soldier separated from his unit?
(a) His horse fell.
(b) He was discharged.
(c) He ran away.
(d) They abadoned him.

9. Why is the narrator eager to get back to Woking after taking his wife to the inn?
(a) He is afraid something will happen to his house.
(b) He wants to try to signal the Martians.
(c) He wants to gather his possessions.
(d) He wants to see the Martians die.

10. Who is Ogilvy?
(a) A laborer.
(b) A philosopher.
(c) An astronomer.
(d) A reporter.

11. What element are the gas jets that first streamed toward Earth primarily made from?
(a) Oxygen.
(b) Hydrogen.
(c) Helium.
(d) Neon.

12. What is the name of the professional organization for astronomers?
(a) Astronomers United.
(b) The National Association of Astronomers.
(c) The Astronomical Exchange.
(d) The League of Astronomers.

13. What happens to the narrator when he reaches the other bank in the small boat?
(a) He falls asleep.
(b) He loses something valuable.
(c) He is forced to run from Martians.
(d) He is knocked unconscious.

14. How does the narrator say he feels on his way home from the heat ray incident?
(a) Uneasy.
(b) Angry.
(c) Ordinary.
(d) Scared.

15. What does the soldier do who pairs up with the narrator?
(a) He is a general.
(b) He is a sailor.
(c) He is a pilot.
(d) He is an artilleryman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the little boys doing to the cylinder the morning after it crashes?

2. What happens to the narrator's horse when he goes back to Woking?

3. Henderson sends news of the cylinder to his colleagues in what city?

4. Why is the young boy yelling in the middle of town on the Friday evening after the cylinder crashes?

5. What does the narrator refer to as The Thing when he comes back to town after taking his wife away?

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