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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1: Chapter 10, In the Storm.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the narrator's horse when he goes back to Woking?
(a) It falls and breaks its neck.
(b) It throws him off.
(c) It runs away.
(d) Someone steals it.

2. Who owns the property on which the first cylinder crashes?
(a) Lord Harrington.
(b) Lord William.
(c) Lord Vasser.
(d) Lord Hilton.

3. What are the little boys doing to the cylinder the morning after it crashes?
(a) Throwing rocks at it.
(b) Daring each other to touch it.
(c) Trying to open it.
(d) Yelling at it.

4. What element are the gas jets that first streamed toward Earth primarily made from?
(a) Neon.
(b) Helium.
(c) Oxygen.
(d) Hydrogen.

5. Who does the narrator say he finds reassuring the morning before he is forced to flee?
(a) The milkman.
(b) A policeman.
(c) A reporter.
(d) His wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator describes the Martians as being about the size of what animal?

2. What does the Deputation use as a signal to the Martians?

3. How far is Mars from Earth?

4. What is the man selling near the pit shortly after the cylinder crashes?

5. What do the soldiers do when the narrator tells them about the heat ray?

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