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Essay Topic 1

Why do the humans think they are immune from a Martian attack? Be specific, and give at least five reasons.

Essay Topic 2

Why do the Martians choose Earth as a target for their invasion?

Essay Topic 3

How does this novel show that crisis reveals a person's true character?

Essay Topic 4

What advantages do the Martians have over the humans, and vice versa?

Essay Topic 5

How and why do people use a crisis for personal gain in War of the Worlds?

Essay Topic 6

Describe the Martians in detail, and explain why they are so different from humans.

Essay Topic 7

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using the flashback technique in general, and specifically in this novel.

Essay Topic 8

Why do you think the author chooses not to give the narrator a name? What effect does this have on the story?

Essay Topic 9

Do you think the ending...

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