The War of the Worlds Character Descriptions

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The Artilleryman - This character comes up with a plan to work hard and stay away from the Martians, but does not work very hard at all.

The Curate - This character is very religious, but is also fearful and unstable.

Mrs. Elphinstone - This character is pale, dressed in white, and is in a carriage that is attacked by thieves.

Lord Garrick - This character has a high social status, but does not receive special treatment when he is hurt.

Henderson - This character is a journalist who is killed by the Heat-Ray.

The Narrator - This character is a philosopher at the beginning of the story, and has trouble keeping a calm approach during the invasion.

The Narrator's Brother - This character is a medical student who flees London on a boat.

The Narrator's Wife - This character goes to Leatherhead at the beginning...

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