The War of the Worlds Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book 1: Chapter 1, The Eve of War

• The narrator says the Martian invasion is unpredictable, because scientists assume that Mars cannot support life.

• The narrator theorizes that life began on Mars before Earth, and that Martians began to look to other planets once their resources became scarce.

• Ogilvy, an astronomer and friend of the narrator's, becomes excited when two flaming gas jets speed toward Earth from Mars.

Book 1: Chapter 2, The Falling Star

• A falling star is sighted, which is followed by a greenish gas. Ogilvy gets up early the next morning to try to find where the object landed.

• Ogilvy finds the object in the common. It is an extremely hot cylinder, dug deep in the earth from its impact. The top of the cylinder starts to twist off, and believing there may be a man inside, Ogilvy runs to the village to get help.

• Ogilvy and Henderson, a...

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