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Essay Topic 1

Through Nathaniel's first-person narration, Ondaatje writes, "Ours was a family with a habit for nicknames, which meant it was also a family of disguises" (7). Write an essay analyzing the connections between the use of nicknames, secrecy, and concealment in Warlight.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay analyzing Ondaatje's decision to leave Nathaniel's father, Mr. Williams, as such a vague character. How do you think the author's choice in this regard affects the reader's understanding of Nathaniel's family's dynamic?

Essay Topic 3

Nathaniel is stunned when he discovers the true reason that The Darter is so curt and cold with him when he visits him at the novel's end. Write an essay exploring Nathaniel's range of feelings towards the Darter from the time he spends with him on the Thames in the novel's beginning to his last visit to the Darter at the novel's end.

Essay Topic 4

How does...

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