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Short Answer Questions

1. When he returns to Washington at the end of the war, Pug is offered what position?

2. What Russian city does Pug tour to see the damage from the war?

3. The _______ Jews were the spotlight of the Red Cross visit to Theresienstadt.

4. Whom does Leslie Slote write a letter to, resigning from his position in the Foreign Service?

5. What is the name of the Assistant Secretary of State Slote meets with about helping Jews come to America?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pug discover when he asks other Americans in Iran about Rhoda and Peters?

2. What was Natalie's job while she was at Auschwitz?

3. How are Slote's request to help the Jews received by the State Department?

4. How does Pug feel when he discovers the scrapbook Rhoda made of Warren's life?

5. What does Madeline reveal about their parents' marriage in the letter she writes to Byron?

6. How does Berel Jastrow find the man he is supposed to give the secret documents to in Prague?

7. What does the Red Cross representative who gave a glowing report of Theresienstadt later testify that he knew?

8. How does Aaron manage to get some better food on the train when he is being transported to Auschwitz from Theresienstadt?

9. Why does Rhoda disagree with Pug about helping to get Natalie out of Europe?

10. How does Mutterperl die, leaving Berel alone to escape?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does the character of Byron, an American married to an Auschwitz survivor, represent in the novel? What does Louis represent as the son of these two?

Essay Topic 2

Who is the true hero of War and Remembrance and why?

Essay Topic 3

What is Wouk showing about human nature through the compliance of the Jews who are manipulated and intimidated by the SS soldiers?

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