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Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Byron first encounter in Marseilles who makes remarks against Aaron's writing?

2. Where is the Henry family going to celebrate Warren and Janice's anniversary?

3. _________________ virtually demanded that the planes be sent out to search for Japanese ships during Midway.

4. What is the name of the island that the Northampton attacks in Chapter 15?

5. What kind of ship does the Devilfish sink?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Pug end up headed back to Washington after losing the Northampton?

2. What does the Commandant of Auschwitz note about the women prisoners as the techniques for killing the Jews is honed?

3. Where is Byron Henry, Natalie's husband, at the beginning of War and Remembrance?

4. Why is Natalie advised not to leave France immediately with Byron?

5. What point is von Roon making in the "Hitler Berserk" section of The Road to Midway?

6. Why does Aaron Jastrow decide he must go to America with Natalie?

7. Where is Natalie Henry as War and Remembrance opens?

8. What does Pam tell Rhoda when they meet for breakfast in Hollywood?

9. What effect does hearing Pam's voice included on a broadcast with Talky have on Pug?

10. How does Dr. Beck respond when the SS official asks him about the Italian Jews?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss how Aaron and Natalie's train trip from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz is an allegorical journey showing how horrific the end was for the Jews sent to the death camps.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss how World War II plays a central role in the story, more than just a backdrop or a mere setting, but rather as equally important as any character in the story.

Essay Topic 3

How was the "Wannsee Protocol" used to convey the horror of what happened in the German death camps from the dual vantage point of being in the thick of the war and the wisdom of hindsight?

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