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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Pug surprise with a visit in Chapter 48?
(a) Janice.
(b) Byron.
(c) Pam.
(d) Rhoda.

2. Where do Warren Henry and his wife Janice live at the beginning of War and Remembrance?
(a) California.
(b) Hawaii.
(c) England.
(d) Virginia.

3. Who is the German in charge of Mutterperl's work?
(a) Hoess.
(b) Eichmann.
(c) Klinger
(d) Himmler.

4. What are Mutterperl and Berel carrying to give to members of the resistance?
(a) Jewelry.
(b) Rolls of undeveloped film.
(c) Coded documents.
(d) Gold.

5. In what year does Pug first translate the Von Roon document?
(a) 1945.
(b) 1973.
(c) 1970.
(d) 1960.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Aaron wish he was on better terms with in Chapter 29?

2. Where does Natalie plan to go the night Byron appears suddenly in France?

3. Where does von Roon write that Roosevelt agreed to fight the Germans in Chapter 43?

4. What is damaging the Commandant's reputation at Auschwitz?

5. Whom at the Jewish agency tells Byron he should see Jim Gaither about finding Natalie?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is Byron Henry, Natalie's husband, at the beginning of War and Remembrance?

2. What does Roon note in his document was the difference between the desires of the president and that of the American people?

3. Where is Natalie Henry as War and Remembrance opens?

4. What is the history between Byron and Natalie?

5. What was the Doolittle Raid and why was it pivotal in the outcome in the war?

6. Why do Aaron's efforts to get out of Italy suddenly seem more urgent in Chapter 29?

7. What does Pam write in her letter to Pug during her stay in California?

8. When does Aaron Jastrow finally come to the realization that Natalie was right to distrust Dr. Beck?

9. Why does Slote's boss finally change his mind about the fate of the Jews?

10. What point is von Roon making in the "Hitler Berserk" section of The Road to Midway?

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