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Pearl Harbor - This is where Victor Henry reports to take over command of the U.S.S. Northampton.

Stalag - This place is a German prison camp that consists only of acres of open air, encased by barbed wire.

The Devilfish - This is the submarine that Byron serves on.

Singapore - This is where Pamela Tudsbury meets with Phillip Rule.

Sienna - This is where Aaron Jastrow owns a home, and where he and Natalie are detained, as the Germans seek to exchange Americans for their own journalists being held in Brazil.

Midway - This place is where a major battle becomes an American success.

The Wannsee Protocol - This report indicates Jews are being exterminated in large numbers by the Germans.

Follonica - This is where Natalie, Aaron and Louis are staying when they disappear in an effort to escape.

Brenner's Park Hotel -...

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