War and Remembrance Character Descriptions

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Victor Henry (Pug) - This character is a Naval officer who has devoted his career to the military.

Byron Henry - This character is given command of the submarine, the Moray.

Pamela Tudsbury Henry - This character is the world-traveling child of a British journalist.

Natalie Jastrow Henry - This character ends up in a concentration camp known as Theresienstadt, but survives to see the end of the war.

Aaron Jastrow - This character is sent to Theresienstadt, but eventually dies at Auschwitz.

Warren Henry - This character is a pilot and is flying against the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Berel Jastrow - This character winds up at Auschwitz but manages to escape, and then works with the underground to help other Jews escape as well.

Rhoda Henry - This character gets a divorce after many years as a dutiful Navy spouse.

Leslie Slote...

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