War and Remembrance Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1 through 10

• Victor "Pug" Henry prepares to take over command of the U.S.S. Northampton at Pearl Harbor.

• Pug receives a letter from his wife, Rhoda. Despite the strains of their marital problems, she expresses concern about their Jewish daughter-in-law, Natalie.

• Pug visits his son, Warren, his wife Janice, and their baby, Little Victor, at their home near Pearl Harbor before he returns to his ship.

• Meanwhile, Natalie Henry is on a ship called the Redeemer in Naples harbor, trying to decide what to do--remain on the boat or get off with her uncle--when her infant son Louis becomes gravely ill.

• Natalie decides to get off the ship.
• Byron Henry is ordered on a final trip with the Devilfish--a submarine--and promised that he will then be transferred to a location on the Atlantic.

• Pamela Tudsbury's father, "Talky," invites Pam and her friends to join him at a...

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