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Jean Shepherd
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Story 6, Daphne Bigelow and the Spine-chilling Saga of the Snail-encrusted Tinfoil Noose.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the narrator wearing on his date with Daphne?
(a) Electric blue sports coat.
(b) Red velvet vest.
(c) Charcoal gray pinstripe suit.
(d) Baby blue trousers.

2. During Spring semester in Biology II class, Daphne is what?
(a) Showing romantic interest in the narrator.
(b) Assigned to be the narrator's lab partner.
(c) Absent for three weeks.
(d) Assigned to tutor the narrator in class.

3. When the family finally arrives at their summer trip destination, what obstacles do they immediately encounter?
(a) A bear encounter and a cabin with no door.
(b) Rain and a power outage.
(c) The Old Man left his wallet at the gas station, and Mother forgot the bug spray.
(d) The resort and several others nearby are completely full.

4. Which of the following do Randy and his brother NOT eat at the County Fair?
(a) Pork and beans.
(b) Deep-fried chocolate bars.
(c) Pumpkin pie.
(d) Fudge.

5. The Old Man is loyal to the Oldsmobile, but he deviates from his dedication to drive what automobile brand?
(a) Buick.
(b) Saturn.
(c) Pontiac.
(d) Cadillac.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who answers the door when the narrator goes to Daphne's house?

2. On the morning of the family's departure for their Michigan trip, Mother is in the kitchen scrambling eggs and making coffee while the Old Man is doing what?

3. What do the Old Man and Mother do well into the night in preparation for their Michigan trip?

4. To the narrator, Daphne Bigelow is what?

5. Among the animals at the fair, the Shepherds see what?

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