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Short Answer Questions

1. What flower does Sal's father leave at her place at the table?

2. To what state are Sal and her grandparents traveling?

3. What was in Lewiston, Idaho, for Sal's mother?

4. At what body of water do Sal and her grandparents stop?

5. How many other sons did Sal's grandparents have?

Short Essay Questions

1. On the second day of the weekend sleepover, what does Ben perceive about Phoebe?

2. How does Megan catch Phoebe in her lie about where her mother is?

3. Who rings Phoebe's doorbell, and what does he want?

4. Why did both Sal and Phoebe lie about where their mothers were when they first left?

5. Why did Sal's mother say that she felt rotten in comparison to Sal's father?

6. How does Sal react to Margaret when they first meet, and why?

7. What do you think Mrs. Winterbottom means when she asks whether her daughters think she leads a tiny life?

8. How does Sal's father respond to the news that Mrs. Winterbottom has left, and why is this important?

9. Why does Sal feel guilty about her mother's miscarriage?

10. How does Phoebe react to the Finney house, and why does she react that way?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the point of view affect the story? How would the story be different if it was told from another point of view?

Essay Topic 2

How and why is foreshadowing used in Walk Two Moons? Give examples of foreshadowing from the novel in your essay.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze in detail how Sal and Phoebe both allowed guilt to determine their actions.

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