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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mrs. Finney wearing when Sal finds her?
(a) A hospital gown.
(b) A skirt and blouse.
(c) Scrubs.
(d) A pink robe.

2. Where is Sal's mother buried?
(a) Longwood.
(b) Boise.
(c) Lewiston.
(d) Coeur d'Alene.

3. How does Sal find out that Mike is Sergeant Bickle's son?
(a) A note on Phoebe's porch said so.
(b) Sergeant Bickle tells her.
(c) She sees a picture of them together.
(d) She finds Mike's birth certificate.

4. What gift did Gram receive from the egg man?
(a) Flowers.
(b) A love letter.
(c) Chocolates.
(d) A necklace.

5. Why does Christy's journal offend Mary Lou?
(a) She said Mary Lou took the Lord's name in vain.
(b) She says Mary Lou is stupid.
(c) She says that Mary Lou is arrogant.
(d) She says that Mary Lou does not go to church.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many numbers do Sal and Phoebe have to try before they call Sergeant Bickle's house?

2. What does Sal keep under her floorboards at the end of the story?

3. What embarrassing thing does Mr. Birkway reveal in Sal's journal?

4. What does Sal tell Sergeant Bickle is her name?

5. What does Sal end up kissing the first time she tries to kiss Ben?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Sal and Phoebe discover when they go the university?

2. When Phoebe sees her mother and Mike together, how is Mrs. Winterbottom different?

3. Who has been leaving the notes on Phoebe's porch and why?

4. Why does Phoebe feel embarrassed when Mr. Birkway comes to her house?

5. The day after Mr. Birkway visits Phoebe, what plan do Sal and Phoebe devise?

6. How did Margaret and Sal's father meet?

7. What does Sal discover on her second visit to the police station?

8. What does Mr. Winterbottom say upset him most about his wife's secret? What does this show about their relationship?

9. When Sal asks whether Margaret plans to marry her father, how does Margaret respond?

10. Why does Ben's mother remind Sal of her own mother?

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