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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Sal when the story begins?
(a) Thirteen.
(b) Eleven.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Fourteen.

2. What is the maiden name of Sal's mother?
(a) Simmons.
(b) O'Leary.
(c) Rutherford.
(d) Pickford.

3. About how old is the young man who rings Phoebe's doorbell?
(a) Forty.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Twenty-five.
(d) Seventeen.

4. For whom is the young man on Phoebe's porch looking?
(a) Phoebe.
(b) Prudence.
(c) Phoebe's father.
(d) Phoebe's mother.

5. How does Mr. Winterbottom look when he is called to the police station to get Phoebe and Sal?
(a) Embarrassed.
(b) Upset.
(c) Angry.
(d) Confused.

6. By when does Sal want to get to Lewiston?
(a) Easter.
(b) Her mother's birthday.
(c) Halloween.
(d) Her grandmother's birthday.

7. What does Sergeant Bickle do when Phoebe presents evidence that her mother was kidnapped?
(a) He throws his hands in the air.
(b) He shushes them.
(c) He twitches the corners of his mouth.
(d) He laughs.

8. Where does Phoebe tell the girls at school her mother went?
(a) None of their business.
(b) London.
(c) A business trip.
(d) New York.

9. What does Phoebe lecture the Finneys about?
(a) Fat.
(b) Cholesterol.
(c) Household safety.
(d) High blood pressure.

10. What does Phoebe imagine that Mrs. Cadaver and Mr. Birkway may be doing?
(a) Disguising her husband's grave with a rhododendron.
(b) Landscaping.
(c) Having an affair.
(d) Writing a mystery novel.

11. How would Phoebe's family best be described?
(a) Inattentive.
(b) Lenient.
(c) Uptight.
(d) Fun-loving.

12. What type of stories did Sal's mother enjoy reading?
(a) Stories about reincarnation.
(b) Stories about cowboys and Indians.
(c) Non-fiction.
(d) Mysteries.

13. What does Gramps offer the boy from the river at the hospital?
(a) Ten dollars.
(b) Advice
(c) Fifty dollars.
(d) An invitation to join them.

14. With whom does Mary Lou go out on a date?
(a) The lunatic.
(b) An older boy at school.
(c) Ben.
(d) Alex.

15. Whom did Mrs. Winterbottom call to let her family know she was okay?
(a) Mr. Winterbottom.
(b) Prudence.
(c) Margaret.
(d) Mr. Birkway.

Short Answer Questions

1. What object do the girls see Ben lift from the sidewalk?

2. What is Mary Lou's last name?

3. When returning from the drug store, Ben comments that Sal does what every time someone touches her?

4. What is on Sal's desk at school shortly after school begins?

5. What is the real age of Phoebe's father?

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