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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What flower does Sal's father leave at her place at the table?
(a) Daisy.
(b) Black-eyed Susan.
(c) Forget-me-not.
(d) Rose.

2. In what city were Sal's grandparents arrested?
(a) Nashville.
(b) New York City.
(c) Raleigh.
(d) Washington, D.C.

3. When Phoebe goes downstairs to say goodnight to her father, what does she notice he had been doing?
(a) Playing cards.
(b) Writing a letter.
(c) Crying.
(d) Drinking.

4. What is on Sal's desk at school shortly after school begins?
(a) A ribbon.
(b) Graffiti.
(c) A spider.
(d) A bee.

5. What object do the girls see Ben lift from the sidewalk?
(a) A machete.
(b) An ax.
(c) A stick.
(d) A bat.

6. How does Ben react to the poem that Mr. Birkway reads in class?
(a) He say it is terrifying.
(b) He says that it is boring.
(c) He says that the man died naturally.
(d) He says that it is murder.

7. What do Christy and Megan call their club?
(a) GDP
(b) BBD
(c) GCP
(d) GCD

8. How many brothers does Mary Lou have?
(a) Two.
(b) Four.
(c) One.
(d) Three.

9. What was in Lewiston, Idaho, for Sal's mother?
(a) A cousin.
(b) A brother.
(c) An ex-boyfriend.
(d) A new job.

10. The first day of school after her mother left, Phoebe's expression was?
(a) Cold and blank.
(b) Stoic.
(c) A sealed, thin smile.
(d) Suspicious.

11. What do Phoebe and Sal have for dinner at the Finney's house?
(a) Fried chicken.
(b) Spaghetti.
(c) Tuna noodle casserole.
(d) Meatloaf.

12. How long did Gramps follow Gram before asking her father for permission to marry her?
(a) 22 weeks.
(b) 2 days.
(c) 22 days.
(d) 2 months.

13. What changes as they travel through South Dakota towards the Badlands?
(a) The weather.
(b) The whispers.
(c) Drivers.
(d) Their route.

14. What is the name of the boy from the river?
(a) Tom Fleece.
(b) Alex Cheevey.
(c) Tim Fleet.
(d) Tom Fleet.

15. What does Sal notice about her father in the garage when she returns home?
(a) He was angry.
(b) He was lazy.
(c) He was laughing.
(d) He was crying.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the cardigan that Phoebe finds on the chair?

2. How old did the man at the State Fair guess that Phoebe's father was?

3. How long did Sal's father have his car?

4. To what town do they detour just before reaching the South Dakota border?

5. When Phoebe is driving Sal crazy, what does Ben think is her main problem?

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