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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 43.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What embarrassing thing does Mr. Birkway reveal in Sal's journal?
(a) Sal kisses trees.
(b) Sal cries every night.
(c) Sal likes Ben.
(d) Sal cannot read very well.

2. What is the real age of Phoebe's father?
(a) Thirty-eight.
(b) Forty-five.
(c) Fifty-two.
(d) Seventy.

3. Who has been leaving the notes on Phoebe's porch?
(a) Mike.
(b) Mrs. Partridge.
(c) Mrs. Winterbottom.
(d) Margaret.

4. What does Mrs. Winterbottom do after the Phoebe and Sal return home from school?
(a) Call the police.
(b) Cook dinner.
(c) Get a gun.
(d) Lock the doors.

5. What art does Margaret have on her walls?
(a) Watercolor landscapes.
(b) Abstract paintings.
(c) Drawings of wild animals.
(d) Sketches of trees and flowers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens between Sal and Ben at the hospital?

2. What does Sal end up kissing the first time she tries to kiss Ben?

3. What does Phoebe call Sergeant Bickle when he does not seem to take her seriously?

4. Who wrote the poem that Mr. Birkway reads in class?

5. To what town do they detour just before reaching the South Dakota border?

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