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The Badlands - This has jagged peaks and steep gorges made of colorful rocks.

The Black Hills - This is a sacred place with rolling hills of pine trees.

Blue Chevy - This is fifteen years old and has been heavily repaired.

Bybanks, Kentucky - This is the setting of most of the beginning of the story.

Chanting Falls, Ohio - This place has a university.

Coeur d'Alene - One of the characters dies in a hospital here.

Euclid, Ohio - Two of the main characters move here.

Green Pickup Truck - The main character first learns to drive in this.

Lewiston, Idaho - This is the ultimate destination of the novel's journey.

Longwood, Idaho - A major character rests here.

Madison, Wisconsin - The residents of this place seem like they are always on vacation.

Mt. Rushmore - This place is a group of very large...

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