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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


The first two chapters of Walk Two Moons describe many complex relationships between the characters the reader has met so far. In this lesson, the students will describe and analyze the relationships between these characters.


1) Class discussion: Where is Sal's mother at the beginning of the story? Why did Sal's father tear down the wall? Who is Phoebe? Who is Margaret?

2) Pairs activity: Describe Sal's relationship with her grandparents. How do her grandparents feel about each other? How do you know?

3) Individual activity: Make a diagram showing each of the characters we have met so far. Make a line between characters who have some relationship with each other. Describe the relationship on that line.

4) For homework: In at least one paragraph, describe the reason behind the car trip and what this tells the reader about the relationships between Sal, her father, her mother, and her...

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