Walk Two Moons Character Descriptions

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Salamanca Sugar Maple Tree Hiddle

This character is gullible and stubborn and is afraid of modern dangers like nuclear war.

Grandparents Hiddle

These characters tend to get into trouble when they get into a car.

Phoebe Winterbottom

This character has curly blond hair and blue eyes.

John Hiddle

This character is kind, honest, and rarely angry.

Chanhassen Hiddle

This character's name means sweet juice or maple sugar.

Ben Finney

This character has long, feathery eyelashes and large, black eyes.

Margaret Cadaver

This character is a nurse with red hair and gray eyes.

Grandparents Pickford

They are very stiff people, and they rarely laugh.

George Winterbottom

This character is vain, serious, and neat.

Norma Winterbottom

This character tries to be very domestic but actually doesn't like doing household chores.

Tom Fleet

This character rescues another from a snakebite.

Mary Lou Finney

This character has a habit of shouting random...

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