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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much is Thoreau's profit from the bean-field?
(a) $1.78
(b) $8.71.
(c) $7.81.
(d) $10.87.

2. What does Thoreau see in the clear water of the pond one November day?
(a) A school of perch.
(b) A large turtle.
(c) A heron.
(d) A muskrat family.

3. What does Thoreau frequently do on warm evenings?
(a) Fishes on the pond.
(b) Plays the flute in his boat.
(c) Goes for a walk.
(d) Star gazes.

4. What is the length of Thoreau's bean rows added together?
(a) Five miles.
(b) 800 yards.
(c) Two miles.
(d) Seven miles.

5. What are the necessities of life?
(a) Food, shelter, land, and freedom.
(b) Food, shelter, clothing, and fuel.
(c) Love, happiness, family, and religion.
(d) Food, shelter, clothing, and sunlight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Thoreau hear from town in his bean-field on gala days?

2. What is Thoreau's net income from his farm?

3. "Be it life or death, we crave only..."

4. What vegetable does Thoreau plant on most of his 2 1/2 acres?

5. How long does Thoreau stay in jail?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does it mean to "live deliberately"?

2. Why does Thoreau believe that Huckleberries lose their flavor before they go to market?

3. How does Thoreau describe the condition of the hut that John Field's family lives in?

4. How does Thoreau describe the piece of land he lives on?

5. How does Thoreau say Walden Pond got its revenge on the men who were harvesting the ice?

6. What does Thoreau believe will happen if general American society begins supporting education?

7. Why does Thoreau despise the railway?

8. Why does Thoreau leave Walden Pond?

9. What does Thoreau think John Field's future holds?

10. What happened to the well on the Field's property?

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