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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what howling animal does Thoreau compare the loon?
(a) A coyote.
(b) A dog.
(c) A wolf.
(d) A jackal.

2. What feeling does spring create in men?
(a) Inspiration.
(b) Hope.
(c) Goodwill.
(d) Lust.

3. What vegetable does Thoreau chiefly grow at Walden Pond?
(a) Corn.
(b) Zucchini.
(c) Beans.
(d) Potatoes.

4. What kind of bird does Thoreau begin to see again in April?
(a) Robins.
(b) Geese.
(c) Pigeons.
(d) Sparrows.

5. How long do the workmen take to harvest the ice of the pond?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Eighteen days.
(c) Three days.
(d) Sixteen days.

6. What is the destiny of the human race?
(a) To become vegetarians.
(b) To advance technologically.
(c) To read Thoreau's writing.
(d) To become more enlightened.

7. What animals were inside the shelter with the Field family?
(a) Chickens.
(b) Cats.
(c) Cows.
(d) Dogs.

8. What happens when Thoreau goes fishing?
(a) He has less self-respect.
(b) He feels pride.
(c) He mourns the death of the fish.
(d) He is at peace.

9. Which tribe calls hunters the "best men"?
(a) The Iroquois.
(b) The Algonquins.
(c) The Mohawks.
(d) The Cree.

10. What instrument does Thoreau use to watch the war more closely?
(a) A microscope.
(b) A magnifying glass.
(c) A monocle.
(d) A telescope.

11. What does one hunter use as a musical instrument?
(a) Spoons.
(b) A tree leaf.
(c) A saw.
(d) Grass.

12. What should we come home with after adventures?
(a) Knowledge and confidence.
(b) Experience and character.
(c) Money and wealth.
(d) Wisdom and direction.

13. What kind of literature does Thoreau like best?
(a) Fiction.
(b) Poetry.
(c) Classics.
(d) Scripture.

14. What kind of animal does Thoreau find in his house?
(a) Chipmunks.
(b) Squirrels.
(c) Mice.
(d) Rats.

15. What does Thoreau compare to pearls and crystals?
(a) Raindrops.
(b) Fish.
(c) Icicles.
(d) Snowflakes.

Short Answer Questions

1. "If you would be chaste, you must be..."

2. Who or what does Thoreau visit?

3. What word doesn't Thoreau use to describe John Field?

4. Where have loons been caught with fishing hooks, eighty feet below the water's surface?

5. According to tales, who planted the beech grove?

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