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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Thoreau hates the name of what local pond ?
(a) Flint's Pond.
(b) Fish Pond.
(c) White Pond.
(d) Mill Pond.

2. What gets struck by lighting during a heavy thunder-shower?
(a) Walden Pond.
(b) A pine tree.
(c) The bean field.
(d) Thoreau's shelter.

3. Some of Thoreau's pleasantest hours are spent during this kind of weather:
(a) Thunderstorms.
(b) Snowstorms.
(c) Hail.
(d) Sun showers.

4. What does Thoreau sometimes hear on Sundays?
(a) Choirs singing.
(b) Families walking in the forest.
(c) Church bells.
(d) Organ music.

5. What does one Concord Trader use as a sign for his store?
(a) A Wooden plank.
(b) A Wagon Wheel.
(c) A bear hide.
(d) A salt fish.

6. Who exerted an influence on mankind more than kings and emperors?
(a) Musicians.
(b) Priests.
(c) Authors.
(d) Politicians.

7. How many chairs does Thoreau have in his house?
(a) One.
(b) Two.
(c) Three.
(d) None.

8. How long does Thoreau stay in jail?
(a) Three weeks.
(b) One day.
(c) One week.
(d) A month.

9. What book does Thoreau keep on his table throughout the summer?
(a) Homer's Iliad.
(b) Cervantes' Don Quixote.
(c) The Bible.
(d) Milton's Paradise Lost.

10. How long does Thoreau live at Walden Pond?
(a) Three years and six months.
(b) Six months.
(c) One year.
(d) Two years and two months.

11. What is the length of Thoreau's bean rows added together?
(a) Seven miles.
(b) Five miles.
(c) Two miles.
(d) 800 yards.

12. What was Thoreau doing in the village when he was arrested?
(a) Picking up a shoe from the cobbler's.
(b) Selling beans.
(c) Buying a newspaper.
(d) Having a drink at the bar-room.

13. What does Thoreau uncover as he hoes the bean-field?
(a) The remains of animals.
(b) Native artifacts.
(c) Buried treasure.
(d) Tree stumps.

14. When Thoreau began living in the woods, his "house was not finished, but was merely a defense against the..."
(a) Sun.
(b) Rain.
(c) Animals.
(d) Wind.

15. "Objects of charity are not..."
(a) Welcome.
(b) Guests.
(c) Invited.
(d) Desirable.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Plymouth Colony governor who wasn't fed by the king of the tribe he visited?

2. How much does Thoreau spend on supplies for his bean-field?

3. What do Thoreau's guests often do when they leave after dark?

4. Which bird does Thoreau doubt has ever profaned Walden Pond?

5. What did Thoreau do during his first summer at Walden Pond?

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