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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Thoreau put in jail?
(a) For not returning library books.
(b) For writing a controversial article.
(c) For failing to pay a tax.
(d) For stealing.

2. What did Thoreau imagine doing?
(a) Writing a book.
(b) Buying a farm.
(c) Building a house.
(d) Living off the land.

3. What does Thoreau hear in the evening?
(a) Cows lowing.
(b) The wind in the trees.
(c) Birds singing.
(d) Goats bleating.

4. What bird does Thoreau contemplate keeping merely for his music?
(a) A rooster.
(b) A canary.
(c) A crow.
(d) A screech owl.

5. What does Thoreau say he chanced upon one day?
(a) The end of a rainbow.
(b) An eclipse.
(c) Buried treasure.
(d) A family of deer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What writer does the French Canadian Woodsman love?

2. What does Thoreau usually carry back to Walden Pond from the village?

3. How many chairs does Thoreau have in his house?

4. "As long as possible live free and..."

5. What did Thoreau do during his first summer at Walden Pond?

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