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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Thoreau explains his interest in living a simplified life in an isolated spot located outside of Concord, Massachusetts. He describes in detail his reasons for choosing to do this experiment, stating that not everyone will agree with him, but he hopes that they may take some understanding away with them.


1 - Class Discussion: Do you admire Thoreau's experiment or do you think it is a meaningless project? What makes it a good/bad idea? How would you react to someone who tried this experiment today?

2 - Research: Students research other famous loners throughout history, choose one, and write a one page report outlining their life and how isolation influenced their work and their fame.

3 - Group work: Divide the class into groups of 3-4. Each group estimates how much it would cost today to move into the wilderness. Consider Thoreau's four main necessities: food, shelter...

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