Walden Character Descriptions

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The Canadian Woodchopper - This character does his work in Walden Woods, and he and Thoreau often visit. He is a big, strong, good-natured man who works hard and is content with his life, although he makes little money.

James Collins - This character is an Irishman who works for the railroad and lives in a shanty near where Thoreau builds his cabin. Thoreau buys this character's shanty for $4.25 and disassembles it to use the boards and nails in his cabin.

John Field - This character is an Irishman who lives with his wife and children in a hut near the Baker Farm. During a rainstorm Thoreau goes to take shelter in the hut, which he thinks is vacant, but finds this character and his family there.

Brister Freeman - This character was a former slave who lived on Brister's Hill before Thoreau's stay in the woods...

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