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Chapter 1

• Thoreau outlines his purpose and project.

• He describes the benefits of simplifying one's life.

• He discusses the necessities of life.

• He records exactly how much money he spent setting up his new life.

Chapter 2

• Thoreau describes his cabin's location.

• He explains the philosophy of 'deliberate living.'

• He discusses the disadvantages of a materialistic existence.

Chapter 3

• Thoreau discusses the benefits of reading classical literature.

• He advocates reading the classics in their original language.

• He despairs of the lack of culture and intellect in Concord.

• He hopes that one day Concord will have a university, or support the arts.

Chapter 4

• Thoreau discusses the sounds he hears in his relatively isolated location.

• He list the man-made sounds that he cannot escape, such as the railway, church bells, and bells and whistles.

• He states his dissatisfaction with the railroad's destruction of nature.

• He discusses the animal noises that constantly surround...

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