Daily Lessons for Teaching Walden Two

B. F. Skinner
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-4)


Chapters 1-4

Walden Two belongs to the science fiction classification of literature. The objective of this lesson is to ensure that students can distinguish between different classifications and can identify the characteristics they should look for in science fiction.


A. Class Discussion:

1. Begin by giving students the opportunity to define the terms "science fiction and fantasy literature". Guide the discussion with the following questions:

- What are some types or genres of novels?

- What determines the classification of a novel?

- Why are novels classified?

Ensure that the discussion includes the following: picaresque, historical, biographical and coming of age novels.

2. Discuss the following questions:

- What are the distinguishing features of these types of novels?:

- The picaresque novel presents the adventures of a protagonist who becomes aware of the world's realities and frequently comments cynically about them.

- The historical novel presents a...

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