Walden Two Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

B. F. Skinner
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Chapters 1-4

• Professor Burris, a Psychology Professor, is in his office when Rogers, his former student, visits with his friend, Steve.

• Rogers and Steve have returned from war and are seeking a different kind of social system in which to live.

• In conversation with Burris, Rogers recalls lectures in which the professor mentioned an example of a utopia.

• They recall that the originator of the utopia was the professor's friend, Frazier.

• Professor Burris promises to write Frazier, who is reportedly involved with his own experimental society, called Walden Two.
• Burris writes, inviting Burris and Rogers to visit Walden Two.

• Burris and Rogers plan their visit and invite others including a philosophy professor Augustine Castle, Barbara Macklin the fiancée of Rogers, and Steve's girlfriend, Mary Grove.

• The group sets off by train and bus on a journey that takes them about thirty miles out of the city.

• Frazier...

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