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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act II, Estragon and Vladimir can find nothing that will work as a rope if they want to hang themselves, and they decide that tomorrow they will
(a) Find another way to do themselves in.
(b) Find Pozzo and take his rope.
(c) Bring a good piece of rope.
(d) Cut the tree down anyway.

2. Toward the end of the second act, Estragon wakes up and wants to leave the place. Vladimir tells him they can't because they
(a) Are waiting for Godot.
(b) Are too tired and hungry to go anywhere.
(c) Need to wait for Pozzo and Lucky.
(d) Have no place to go.

3. Just as Act I is ending,
(a) Estragon and Vladimir fall asleep.
(b) Estragon and Vladimir eat.
(c) A boy enters the stage.
(d) Pozzo and Lucky come back.

4. In Act II, Estragon and Vladimir talk about the tree and the fact that it
(a) Was bare yesterday, but now has some leaves.
(b) Had leaves yesterday, but now they are all gone.
(c) Has been chopped down.
(d) Was bare yesterday, but now has some fruit.

5. Who does the boy ask for in Act 1?
(a) A place to sleep.
(b) Something to eat.
(c) Mr. Albert.
(d) A job.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the boy is about to leave at the end of Act I, he asks Vladimir what he should tell Mr. Godot. Vladimir tells him to tell Mr. Godot that

2. Vladimir realizes Estragon has been beaten again and tells him he wouldn't have let "them" beat Estragon because he would

3. In Act II, Estragon remembers some of the things that happened the day before including:

4. At the end of the play, when Vladimir and Estragon decide to leave, where do they go?

5. When Estragon says he doesn't know why he was beaten at the beginning of Act II, Vladimir tells him

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