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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Estragon starts to tell Vladimir about the dream he was having, Vladimir
(a) Listens intently.
(b) Shouts for him to stop!
(c) Falls asleep.
(d) Keeps interrupting the story.

2. When Pozzo first introduces himself, he tells Estragon and Vladimir that they are
(a) Very brave.
(b) On his land.
(c) Extremely foolish.
(d) Lost.

3. Estragon and Vladimir want to find out why Lucky won't put his packages down. Finally, Pozzo understands the question and tells them that Lucky
(a) Has the right to put his packages down but chooses not to.
(b) Is trying to steal the packages.
(c) Is afraid someone will steal the packages.
(d) Wants to give the packages to Estragon and Vladimir.

4. During the conversation about Lucky and the packages, Pozzo yanks on the rope to get his attention and calls him a
(a) Good friend.
(b) Lazy bum.
(c) Pig and a hog.
(d) Fool.

5. When Estragon and Vladimir first see Pozzo and Lucky, they
(a) They don't pay any attention to them.
(b) They are surprised, so they run away.
(c) Are frightened and huddle together.
(d) They are happy to have company and go to greet them.

6. The two main characters in the play are waiting for
(a) the Boy.
(b) Lucky.
(c) Godot.
(d) Pozzo.

7. When Estragon complains that he will never walk again, Vladimir tells Estragon that, if necessary, he will
(a) Hit Lucky.
(b) Wait for his leg to heal.
(c) Carry him.
(d) Hit him.

8. While they are waiting for Godot, Estragon and Vladimir talk about
(a) Moving far away from each other.
(b) Making new friends.
(c) Running away together.
(d) Hanging themselves on the tree.

9. When Pozzo tells Estragon to give Lucky his hat so Lucky can entertain them, Estragon says
(a) Lucky already has his hat.
(b) He would be happy to do it.
(c) He won't do it because Lucky kicked him.
(d) He doesn't believe Lucky should wear a hat.

10. During the beginning of the first act, while Vladimir is pacing back and forth, Estragon
(a) Walks around the tree.
(b) Falls asleep.
(c) Draws pictures in the dirt.
(d) Eats an apple.

11. After all of the men say goodbye many times toward the end of Act 1, Pozzo and Lucky
(a) Eat.
(b) Decide to stay and meet Godot.
(c) Leave.
(d) Fall asleep.

12. During the course of the play, Estragon asks Vladimir if he is sure they are waiting in the right spot. In Act I, in response to Estragon's concern, Vladimir reminds him they were told to wait by the
(a) Water fountain.
(b) Bench.
(c) Tree.
(d) Park.

13. Who offers to give Lucky his hat so that he can perform at the end of Act I?
(a) Pozzo
(b) Vladimir
(c) The boy
(d) A stranger walking across the stage

14. Vladimir and Estragon talk about the crucifixion of Jesus and the different views of the four Evangelists who record that event. What is the topic that is described differently between the four Evangelists?
(a) They have conflicting views of the role of the thieves.
(b) The record different people who came to watch.
(c) They disagree about the weather on the day of the crucifixion.
(d) They disagree about what Jesus was wearing on that day.

15. In the first Act, Pozzo tells Estragon and Vladimir that Lucky is driving him mad. Estragon and Vladimir
(a) Leave the stage.
(b) Tell Pozzo to leave Lucky with them.
(c) Tell Pozzo he is foolish.
(d) Turn on Lucky and chastise him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Responding to Pozzo's request for help sitting down, Estragon tells Pozzo that if he does not sit down, Pozzo will

2. Pozzo tells Estragon and Vladimir that you can't drive creatures like Lucky away and that it would be better to

3. Estragon tells Vladimir that if they try to hang themselves

4. What is the fundamental relationship between Pozzo and Lucky?

5. When Lucky hears Pozzo talking to Estragon and Vladimir about the fair, he starts to

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