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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Estragon do as soon as his leg feels good enough to walk again in Act 1?
(a) He entertains the others by dancing.
(b) He walks over to Lucky and spits on him.
(c) He walks over to Lucky and hugs him again.
(d) He hugs Vladimir

2. In Act I, the relationship between Pozzo and Lucky is demonstrated by the fact that each time Pozzo asks Lucky to bring him something, Lucky
(a) Ignores Pozzo and continues to sleep.
(b) Begs Estragon and Vladimir to help him.
(c) Puts each parcel down, brings the item to Pozzo, and picks up each package again.
(d) Pulls at the rope trying to run away.

3. After Pozzo has finished eating, Estragon asks him
(a) If there is any more to eat.
(b) If he can have some wine.
(c) If he can have the chicken bones.
(d) If Pozzo has some other kinds of food.

4. While discussing the hanging, Vladimir asks Estragon what they should do. Estragon replies
(a) "Let's find another tree so that we can both hang."
(b) "Let's do it right away."
(c) "We can think more about it."
(d) "Don't let's do anything. It's safer."

5. Lucky is clearly working extremely hard carrying packages and serving Pozzo. He is so exhausted that he finally
(a) Falls asleep under the tree.
(b) Falls asleep standing up.
(c) Lays down and falls asleep.
(d) Begs for coffee so that he can stop feeling sleepy.

6. After tormenting Lucky awhile, Pozzo decides to eat. In his belongings he has
(a) Chicken and wine.
(b) Cheese and milk.
(c) Lobster and coffee.
(d) Ribs and beer.

7. In Act I, when Pozzo first sees Estragon and Vladimir as he is entering the stage, he
(a) Pulls Lucky back on the stage.
(b) Follows Lucky off stage.
(c) Invites Estragon and Vladimir to go with them.
(d) Lets Lucky go and sits down.

8. Vladimir and Estragon talk about the crucifixion of Jesus and the different views of the four Evangelists who record that event. What is the topic that is described differently between the four Evangelists?
(a) They disagree about the weather on the day of the crucifixion.
(b) They disagree about what Jesus was wearing on that day.
(c) The record different people who came to watch.
(d) They have conflicting views of the role of the thieves.

9. The two main characters in the play are waiting for
(a) Pozzo.
(b) Lucky.
(c) Godot.
(d) the Boy.

10. Before Pozzo and Lucky leave Estragon and Vladimir at the end of Act I, Pozzo, Estragon, and Vladimir get Lucky to
(a) Turn cartwheels.
(b) Dance.
(c) Sing.
(d) Sleep standing up.

11. When Pozzo tells Estragon and Vladimir they are trespassing, they reply that
(a) They are lost and have no idea where they are.
(b) They just thought they were on a public road and meant no harm.
(c) That is just too bad because it is a free country.
(d) They would be happy leave immediately.

12. When Estragon pushes Vladimir to tell him the story about the Englishman in the brothel, Vladimir
(a) Refuses to tell the story and leaves the stage.
(b) Tells him a different story.
(c) Tells Estragon the whole story.
(d) Falls asleep.

13. In Act 1, Pozzo asks Estragon and Vladimir how he can help them since they are having such a dull time. Estragon tells Pozzo
(a) That he is hungry.
(b) That 10 francs would be fine.
(c) To leave them alone.
(d) That he has no place to sleep.

14. When Vladimir talks about leaving, Pozzo asks him what will happen to his appointment with Godot because he believes Godot
(a) Is going to trick Vladimir and steal everything he has.
(b) Holds Vladimir's future in his hands.
(c) Has already been there and won't come back.
(d) Has no intention of coming.

15. When Estragon tries to make Lucky feel better in the way Pozzo suggested, Lucky
(a) Kicks him violently in the shins and gives the handkerchief back to Pozzo.
(b) Is grateful and shows his great appreciation.
(c) Is confused and doesn't understand why Estragon is helping him.
(d) Puts down his packages, lies down, and falls asleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Pozzo finishes eating, what does Pozzo ask Lucky?

2. Vladimir looks for a note about when Godot is to come in

3. Responding to Pozzo's request for help sitting down, Estragon tells Pozzo that if he does not sit down, Pozzo will

4. During one of the conservations about the Bible, Vladimir tells Estragon he should have been a

5. In Act I, Pozzo tells Estragon and Vladimir that if he were waiting for Godot, he would

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