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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Manna's reaction to knowing she will die soon?

2. What is Manna's excuse to the other nurses for looking so sickly the day after the rape?

3. Why does Manna have to leave the wedding?

4. Manna's heart murmur often turns to a _______ rhythm.

5. What does Manna tell Lin her blood pressure is?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Lin going to leave Manna?

2. How do Manna's worst fears appear to be coming true in Chapter 11?

3. Is Manna turning into a jealous wife?

4. Why doesn't Lin stay in the delivery room while Manna is giving birth?

5. Do people in the hospital view Shuyu as a joke?

6. Does Hua agree with Lin's desire to divorce Shuyu?

7. Why does Manna wish she had a daughter like Hua?

8. Does Lin regret divorcing Shuyu?

9. How does tradition aid Lin in Chapter 9?

10. What about Ran Su's blessing makes Manna so upset?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Ha Jin's use of youth, age, and death. How do they define characters in the eyes of others? What affect does it have on narrative, imagery, and relationships of "Waiting?"

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the relevance of women versus men in "Waiting." Argue the statement Ha Jin is making about gender, using the following ideas:

- Emotional tendencies of men or women in relationships.

- Self awareness, idealism, control, impressionability, vulnerability.

- Selfishness and selflessness.

Essay Topic 3

Lin has a duplicitous personality. Analyze his character using the three following characteristics of Lin:

- Lin's need to please.

- Lin's superiority complex.

- Lin's inferiority complex.

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