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Short Answer Questions

1. Bensheng wishes Hua would find a different boyfriend because soldiers are not ______ anymore.

2. What made the pus drain after Shuyu's feet were bound?

3. When Manna tells Lin the truth about her rape, he is very angry at first and then becomes what?

4. Why does Manna feel sad in the weeks following her wedding?

5. Why do the orderlies ask Lin to teach the class?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Lin going to leave Manna?

2. Why does Lin think he and Manna shouldn't make love so much?

3. What does Lin think is the effect of Manna's suffering?

4. Does Lin love Manna?

5. Does Lin enjoy his wedding?

6. Do people in the hospital view Shuyu as a joke?

7. Why doesn't Lin stay in the delivery room while Manna is giving birth?

8. Is Lin secretive?

9. Why does Lin think they should tell Ran Su about Manna's rape as soon as possible?

10. Does Lin regret divorcing Shuyu?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The discretion in "Waiting" is completely symmetrical: three parts with twelve chapters each. Write an essay discussing the relevance of how and when the book is divided, why this is, and what the organization reveals about the narrative, characters, and themes, and how it assists them.

Essay Topic 2

Ha Jin frequently uses animal imagery in reference to his characters. Write an essay discussing Ha Jin's tendencies of anthropomorphizing his characters and what significance his choices of animals hold for his characters.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Ha Jin's use of youth, age, and death. How do they define characters in the eyes of others? What affect does it have on narrative, imagery, and relationships of "Waiting?"

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