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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Geng Yang's response to "The Flower Girl"?
(a) He cries.
(b) He is unaffected.
(c) He criticizes the acting.
(d) He is overwhelmed with emotion.

2. Why does Manna find Geng Yang "interesting?"
(a) He is very kind.
(b) He speaks with an accent.
(c) He is very masculine.
(d) He has a strange body.

3. When Lin is questioned by the voice in his head about his refusal to sleep with Manna, he says that their relationship is not based on what?
(a) The rules of society.
(b) The flesh.
(c) Love.
(d) What others want.

4. What do Manna and Liang Meng talk about when they first meet at the hospital?
(a) Politics.
(b) Lin.
(c) Grapes.
(d) The weather.

5. What are Lin's conditions on Manna's prospective new fiancé?
(a) He takes her far away.
(b) She is promoted and goes to college.
(c) He doesn't ever divorce her.
(d) He still allows them to see each other.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the holiday banquet, what does Lin warn Manna not to do so much?

2. When Lin returns to the hospital after failing to ask his wife for a divorce he tells Manna he is too what to spend time with her?

3. Where does Lin Kong's wife, Shuyu, live?

4. What does Commissar Wei ask the hospital to recommend for him?

5. Commissar Wei stops in Muji City on his way to which border?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the two men in Manna's life in Chapter 4 leave her between a rock and a hard place?

2. Why won't Manna report her rape?

3. Why is Lin concerned that Bensheng invites Ren to his house?

4. What makes Lin hesitate to divorce his wife?

5. Why does Lin think an attempt to pay Shuyu or Bensheng for a divorce would fail?

6. How is Manna extremely selfish in the beginning of Chapter 7?

7. Why is Manna more embarrassed than heartbroken at Commissar Wei's rejection?

8. How is Lin painted to be at fault through Chapter 9?

9. Since Manna and Lin broke up, what has Manna been doing to spite Lin? How does this reach its climax in Chapter 10?

10. How does Lin share Manna's feelings about Geng Yang?

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