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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the prognosis for Lin's tuberculosis?
(a) He has showed no improvement.
(b) He will die soon.
(c) He is at risk of getting worse.
(d) He will recover soon.

2. Who does Manna hit while riding her bike home one night?
(a) Ran Su.
(b) Ran Su's wife.
(c) Haiyan.
(d) Lin.

3. Why does Shuyu ask to spend the night with Lin one night when he is home?
(a) She misses him when he is away.
(b) She doesn't want to share her room with their houseguests.
(c) She wants to give him a son.
(d) She is afraid of the dark.

4. What are Lin's conditions on Manna's prospective new fiancé?
(a) He doesn't ever divorce her.
(b) He still allows them to see each other.
(c) She is promoted and goes to college.
(d) He takes her far away.

5. On the hospital camp-and-field training, what does Lin do to help Manna and the other nurses when they stop for the night?
(a) He helps convince a commander to let them go home.
(b) He brings them clean clothes.
(c) He gives them advice.
(d) He treats their blistered feet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why won't Manna let her roommates hear her cry?

2. What does Manna see Pingping Ma and Lin Kong doing that convinces her that they are a couple?

3. When Liang Meng and Manna meet alone in the city, whose poetry does he quote?

4. How does Geng Yang think Lin should carry out his relationship with Manna?

5. What rumor is going around the hospital about Lin's wife?

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes Lin hesitate to divorce his wife?

2. Why is Lin concerned that Bensheng invites Ren to his house?

3. How does Manna begin to advance on Lin?

4. Why has Lin doubted himself of being a "normal" man? How does he gauge "normal?"

5. What does Lin's daydream about the nurses say about him?

6. Why does Manna help Lin put dust covers on his books?

7. Why does Lin discourage Manna from joining any of the revolutionary parties in the hospital?

8. Why does Lin think an attempt to pay Shuyu or Bensheng for a divorce would fail?

9. Why is Lin's response to "Leaves of Grass" peculiar to his usual tendencies towards literature?

10. Why won't Manna report her rape?

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