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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rare food does Bensheng bring to Lin's house?
(a) Caviar.
(b) Shrimp.
(c) Cabbage.
(d) Duck.

2. What unnerves Manna about Geng Yang when she sees him at the bus stop?
(a) His flirtatious attitude.
(b) His quietness.
(c) His clothing.
(d) His grin.

3. What does Lin observe about Ran Su's feet?
(a) They are swollen.
(b) They are abnormally large.
(c) They are worn and calloused.
(d) They are feminine.

4. What does Lin's cousin ask for in his letter?
(a) To find him a wife.
(b) A recommendation for a job.
(c) Money.
(d) A place to stay.

5. Why does Manna want to learn to ride a bicycle?
(a) To brag to the other nurses about her new skill.
(b) To get in shape.
(c) To travel more easily across the hospital yard.
(d) In case she moves to Harbin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Aside from Latin, what languages must nurses learn to be promoted to assistant doctor?

2. On the hospital camp-and-field training, what does Lin do to help Manna and the other nurses when they stop for the night?

3. While recapping her meeting with the commissar, Manna tells Lin Commissar Wei is more like a what than a warrior?

4. When Liang Meng and Manna meet alone in the city, whose poetry does he quote?

5. How does Geng Yang think Lin should carry out his relationship with Manna?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lin think is the effect of Manna's suffering?

2. Why does Lin discourage Manna from joining any of the revolutionary parties in the hospital?

3. What about Lin's response to Manna's prospective engagement make him rethink his attachment?

4. How does tradition aid Lin in Chapter 9?

5. Why has Lin doubted himself of being a "normal" man? How does he gauge "normal?"

6. How does Lin change the direction of his and Manna's relationship as his divorce seems less and less likely?

7. Does Lin enjoy his wedding?

8. What is the crowd at the courthouse defending when they are scolding Lin?

9. Why won't Manna report her rape?

10. How do Manna's worst fears appear to be coming true in Chapter 11?

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