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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Ran Su's only condition on allowing Manna and Lin to take Geng Yang out to dinner?
(a) They must go out during the day.
(b) Lin must pay for the meal.
(c) The three must stay together.
(d) Ran Su can attend as well.

2. After Manna wins a prize for table tennis, what does she tell Lin is her wish?
(a) To quit the army.
(b) For Lin to propose to her.
(c) For Lin to kiss her.
(d) To see a picture of Shuyu.

3. After being deployed, what does Mai Dong write to Manna to tell her?
(a) He is marrying his cousin.
(b) He wants to marry her when he returns.
(c) He is marrying his niece.
(d) He has a girlfriend.

4. What does Ren ask Lin to bring home from the hospital to help his son's stomach?
(a) Alka-Seltzer.
(b) Club Soda.
(c) Tower Candy.
(d) Pepto Bismuth.

5. What is Geng Yang's response to "The Flower Girl"?
(a) He cries.
(b) He is unaffected.
(c) He criticizes the acting.
(d) He is overwhelmed with emotion.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Lin ghostwrites Manna's report on "Leaves of Grass," what aspect of the poems does he focus on?

2. For how long is Lin permitted to return home once a year?

3. What is the prognosis for Lin's tuberculosis?

4. After Lin's father dies, how do his feelings about his wife and marriage change?

5. What does Commissar Wei ask the hospital to recommend for him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Lin painted to be at fault through Chapter 9?

2. Why is Lin ashamed that he asks Manna to share the cost of the bribe?

3. What makes Lin hesitate to divorce his wife?

4. What draws and repels Manna and Liang Meng to and from each other?

5. Why is Manna's meeting with Commissar Wei very pleasant?

6. Why does Shuyu's brother object to Lin's wish for a divorce?

7. How is Manna extremely selfish in the beginning of Chapter 7?

8. What does Lin's daydream about the nurses say about him?

9. How does Lin change the direction of his and Manna's relationship as his divorce seems less and less likely?

10. Since Manna and Lin broke up, what has Manna been doing to spite Lin? How does this reach its climax in Chapter 10?

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