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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Manna's heart murmur often turns to a _______ rhythm.
(a) Gallop.
(b) Rapid.
(c) Sing-Song.
(d) Irregular.

2. Bensheng wishes Hua would find a different boyfriend because soldiers are not ______ anymore.
(a) Reliable.
(b) Fashionable.
(c) Courageous.
(d) Handsome.

3. Why does Lin caution Manna about revealing anymore to Haiyan?
(a) She is a secret agent.
(b) She is unreliable.
(c) She is idiotic.
(d) She is forgetful.

4. What does Manna NOT question after her dream about Geng Yang?
(a) Why Lin abandoned her.
(b) Geng Yang.
(c) Mai Dong.
(d) What could have been.

5. What made the pus drain after Shuyu's feet were bound?
(a) Herbal medicines.
(b) Soaking them in warm water.
(c) Eating fish.
(d) Massaging her feet.

6. As Manna's pregnancy progresses, she becomes more and more ______.
(a) Passionate.
(b) Grumpy.
(c) Remorseful.
(d) Intelligent.

7. Why does Manna feel sad in the weeks following her wedding?
(a) She wishes they had married years earlier.
(b) She doesn't see her friends as much.
(c) She wishes her parents could have been there.
(d) She regrets not marrying another man.

8. What does Bensheng's donkey eat too much of that makes its stomach burst?
(a) Rice.
(b) Carrots.
(c) Alfalfa.
(d) Corn.

9. Why does Lin go into the city so frequently after Manna gets pregnant?
(a) Manna is always craving.
(b) He misses his daughter.
(c) He cannot stand being around Manna.
(d) She is sick and needs medicine.

10. When Lin sees Manna at the mess hall for the first time in days, he sees a flicker of _______ in her face.
(a) Tenderness.
(b) Fear.
(c) Resentment.
(d) Love.

11. Why is Manna upset that Lin is teaching the orderlies?
(a) Because she wants to teach the class.
(b) Because they are young girls.
(c) Because he is lying to her.
(d) Because he is a bad teacher.

12. Why is Hua sad to be leaving Goose Village?
(a) He boyfriend lives there.
(b) She has friends there.
(c) She has to quit her job.
(d) The weather is nicer.

13. What is Bensheng NOT upset about when he comes to Lin's house drunk in the middle of the night?
(a) Lin divorcing Shuyu.
(b) Lin taking Hua with him.
(c) Lin taking Shuyu to the city.
(d) Lin leaving him with nothing.

14. Why do the orderlies ask Lin to teach the class?
(a) They think Lin is handsome.
(b) They do not like Manna and want her to be jealous.
(c) Lin offered to teach it.
(d) They have exams.

15. What does Manna say to Lin when he comes back into the delivery room to see his sons?
(a) They're sick.
(b) They're not yours.
(c) I'm sorry.
(d) Get out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Manna decide to do if she is pregnant?

2. How does Manna avoiding Shuyu and Lin during Shuyu's visit to the hospital make her look?

3. What does Lin compare the box at the bottom of Manna's closet to?

4. The voice in Lin's head makes him realize his love for Manna is only _____.

5. What does Manna scream at Lin while she is in labor?

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