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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lin most interested in from Manna's locked box?
(a) Her photos.
(b) Her books.
(c) Her jewelry.
(d) Her letters from Mai Dong.

2. What is the prognosis for Shuyu's back condition?
(a) Electrotherapy.
(b) Physical therapy.
(c) Herbal tea.
(d) Strong painkillers.

3. What does Lin compare the box at the bottom of Manna's closet to?
(a) Cinerary casket.
(b) Suitcase.
(c) Jewelry box.
(d) Religious artifact.

4. What does Lin tell Shuyu to do when he is drunk in her apartment?
(a) To go back to Goose Village.
(b) To wait for him.
(c) To put a log on the fire.
(d) To leave him alone,

5. How does Manna avoiding Shuyu and Lin during Shuyu's visit to the hospital make her look?
(a) Revitalized.
(b) Feverish.
(c) Youthful.
(d) Anemic.

6. What comment does one of the nurses make about Manna and Lin's poor singing at the wedding?
(a) It gives her a toothache.
(b) They sound like children.
(c) It is like angels singing.
(d) They are very quiet.

7. Bensheng wishes Hua would find a different boyfriend because soldiers are not ______ anymore.
(a) Reliable.
(b) Handsome.
(c) Fashionable.
(d) Courageous.

8. What does Manna decide to do if she is pregnant?
(a) Get an abortion.
(b) Run away to another city.
(c) Kill herself.
(d) Have the baby and pretend Lin is the father.

9. Why does Manna have to leave the wedding?
(a) She spills something on her dress.
(b) She feels sick.
(c) A nurse acts mean to her.
(d) She starts to cry.

10. What surprises Lin about Manna's pregnancy?
(a) He thought she was injured by Geng Yang.
(b) She must have conceived before their marriage.
(c) They always used protection.
(d) She is 44.

11. What Makes Manna think Ran Su knows about her rape?
(a) He keeps asking her how she is doing.
(b) He is avoiding her.
(c) He whispers whenever she walks into the room.
(d) His forced smile.

12. How many children are families usually permitted to have?
(a) Two.
(b) Four.
(c) One.
(d) Six.

13. Why doesn't Lin know how to medically treat a rape victim?
(a) He believes there is nothing to treat.
(b) It was never taught in school.
(c) It is criminal.
(d) It is not his area of practice.

14. How does Haiyan explain the news of Manna's rape getting out?
(a) She claims she had nothing to do with it.
(b) Someone read her journal.
(c) Someone overheard Manna talking about it.
(d) Her husband told his friends.

15. When Manna speaks to someone outside their apartment, what does Lin notice her voice is still full of?
(a) Love.
(b) Life.
(c) Bitterness.
(d) Fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Manna's eyes look like the day after her rape?

2. How does Geng Yang look on television?

3. Why won't Mrs. Su attend the wedding?

4. How many days of maternity leave is Manna given?

5. Why do the orderlies ask Lin to teach the class?

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