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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What phrase does Lin paint on the banner when a general visits the hospital?
(a) "Salutations!"
(b) "Peace Be With You!"
(c) "Warmly Welcomed."
(d) "Come Again Soon."

2. What do Manna's symptoms of her bad heart resemble?
(a) Cancer.
(b) Indigestion.
(c) Asthma.
(d) Pneumonia.

3. What does Manna show Lin from her locked box?
(a) Photos of her parents.
(b) Her old journals.
(c) Her collection of seashells.
(d) Her collection of chairman Mao pins.

4. Why is Lin nervous about the health of his baby when Manna goes into labor?
(a) The hospital is unsanitary.
(b) The obstetrician is a novice.
(c) They are premature.
(d) Manna has a weak heart.

5. Bensheng wishes Hua would find a different boyfriend because soldiers are not ______ anymore.
(a) Fashionable.
(b) Reliable.
(c) Handsome.
(d) Courageous.

6. What book does Lin give to Ran Su?
(a) "Around The World In Eighty Days."
(b) "Anna Karenina."
(c) "Romeo and Juliet."
(d) "Love In The Time Of Cholera."

7. How does Geng Yang look on television?
(a) Mean.
(b) Old.
(c) Sick.
(d) Healthy.

8. What is Bensheng most jealous of at the end of "Waiting?"
(a) Manna's beauty.
(b) Shuyu's happiness.
(c) Lin has three children.
(d) Hua is earning money.

9. Why does Manna blame Lin for her rape?
(a) He arranged the meeting.
(b) He told Geng Yang how fun it is.
(c) He did nothing to prevent it.
(d) He told Geng Yang she was a virgin.

10. Why does Manna tell Ran Su she wants Lin to stay home more?
(a) She is pregnant.
(b) Lin is in poor health.
(c) She is dying.
(d) Lin is a good cook.

11. Where does Hua find a job in Muji City?
(a) The hair salon.
(b) The hospital.
(c) The match plant.
(d) A department store.

12. How much does Lin sell his house for?
(a) 3,200 yen.
(b) 5,000 yen.
(c) 2,000 yen.
(d) 4,000 yen.

13. How many days of maternity leave is Manna given?
(a) 56.
(b) 90.
(c) 365.
(d) 30.

14. Haiyan says she would never marry a doctor because she believes they are only well trained what?
(a) Con artists.
(b) Nurses.
(c) Technicians.
(d) Plumbers.

15. As Manna's pregnancy progresses, she becomes more and more ______.
(a) Intelligent.
(b) Passionate.
(c) Remorseful.
(d) Grumpy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Lin and Manna sleep peacefully at the end of Chapter 5?

2. What does Manna decide to do if she is pregnant?

3. What is Manna's reaction to knowing she will die soon?

4. After the secret of her rape gets out, how does Mrs. Su greet Manna every time she sees her?

5. Why does Lin go into the city so frequently after Manna gets pregnant?

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