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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lin returns to the hospital after failing to ask his wife for a divorce he tells Manna he is too what to spend time with her?
(a) Ashamed.
(b) Busy.
(c) Heartbroken.
(d) Lazy.

2. Commissar Wei stops in Muji City on his way to which border?
(a) Nepal-India.
(b) Chino-Tibetan.
(c) Chino-Russian.
(d) Chino-Nepal.

3. Why does Shuyu ask to spend the night with Lin one night when he is home?
(a) She is afraid of the dark.
(b) She wants to give him a son.
(c) She doesn't want to share her room with their houseguests.
(d) She misses him when he is away.

4. What is Geng Yang's real reason for inviting Manna to his room?
(a) To profess his love to her.
(b) To sleep with her.
(c) To kill her.
(d) To give her a gift.

5. After a chief in the City Administration dies, what does Manna begin to do?
(a) Take better care of her health.
(b) Take care of the chief's wife.
(c) Pursue a man who will marry her.
(d) Pressure Lin to divorce his wife.

6. Why can't Manna be transferred to another hospital?
(a) Manna refuses to go.
(b) She isn't talented enough.
(c) Too many nurses are in the service.
(d) Lin convinces them not to.

7. Where does Lin Kong's wife, Shuyu, live?
(a) Beijing.
(b) Goose Village.
(c) Shanghai.
(d) Muji City.

8. Who is Lin's new roommate when he gets tuberculosis?
(a) Liang Meng.
(b) Geng Yang.
(c) Ran Su.
(d) Mai Dong.

9. Why can't anyone play cards as the people in Lin's dream do?
(a) The hospital confiscates cards because they are a distraction.
(b) Because no one ever learned how to play.
(c) Cards are banned.
(d) They are all too busy with work.

10. What does Lin compare himself to although he is married?
(a) An adulterer.
(b) A bachelor.
(c) A widower.
(d) A ladies' man.

11. Why must Lin accompany Manna and Liang Meng's meeting at the hospital?
(a) To sabotage their relationship.
(b) To chaperone.
(c) To encourage conversation.
(d) To protect Manna.

12. Which revolutionary party is Manna interested in joining?
(a) The Red Union.
(b) The Maoist Union.
(c) The Red Party.
(d) The Revolution Workers.

13. What happens to Lin's weight when he falls ill with tuberculosis?
(a) It fluctuates unpredictably.
(b) He gains 20 pounds.
(c) He loses 20 pounds.
(d) Nothing.

14. What does Manna do for Lin that most fiancées do for their men?
(a) Clean his room.
(b) Sleep with him.
(c) Take care of him when he's sick.
(d) His laundry.

15. What do the villagers in Goose Village think of Shuyu?
(a) She is rude.
(b) She is unfaithful.
(c) She is a bad mother.
(d) She is perfect.

Short Answer Questions

1. What rumor is going around the hospital about Lin's wife?

2. What does Ren ask Lin to bring home from the hospital to help his son's stomach?

3. Why does Haiyan think Lin refuses to take the opportunity to use her sister's house?

4. What does Lin observe about Ran Su's feet?

5. On the hospital camp-and-field training, what does Lin do to help Manna and the other nurses when they stop for the night?

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