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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Commissar Wei stops in Muji City on his way to which border?
(a) Chino-Nepal.
(b) Chino-Russian.
(c) Chino-Tibetan.
(d) Nepal-India.

2. What lie does Manna write in a letter to Liang Meng that scares him off?
(a) She has a child.
(b) She is divorced.
(c) She has an STD.
(d) She has heart disease.

3. What does Lin observe about Ran Su's feet?
(a) They are feminine.
(b) They are worn and calloused.
(c) They are swollen.
(d) They are abnormally large.

4. What does Commissar Wei ask the hospital to recommend for him?
(a) A good movie.
(b) A nurse or doctor to marry.
(c) A good medicine for back pain.
(d) An apartment to rent in Muji City.

5. What American poet does Commissar Wei recommend to Manna?
(a) Walt Whitman.
(b) Robert Frost.
(c) Sylvia Plath.
(d) Allen Ginsberg.

6. After Lin's father dies, how do his feelings about his wife and marriage change?
(a) He realizes life is short and he wants to stay with his wife.
(b) He no longer needs to be married to Shuyu.
(c) He should remain married out of respect for his parents.
(d) He realizes life is short and he should live how he wants.

7. What is the difference between Lin's side of the room and his roommates' side?
(a) His roommates have news clippings on their walls.
(b) His roommates have no books.
(c) His roommates have photos of celebrities on their walls.
(d) His roommates are very messy.

8. If Manna's parents had lived, she thinks they could have been ________.
(a) High-ranking officials.
(b) Inadequate parents.
(c) Adventurous travelers.
(d) Famous writers.

9. At the end of Part 2: Chapter 8, what does Lin regret talking to Manna about?
(a) Postponing the divorce.
(b) Arranging another boyfriend for her.
(c) Paying Bensheng.
(d) Finding her a transfer.

10. How does Geng Yang think Lin should carry out his relationship with Manna?
(a) Keep her as his mistress.
(b) Pretend like he's married to her.
(c) Keep her until he grows tired of her.
(d) End the relationship soon.

11. Why must Lin accompany Manna and Liang Meng's meeting at the hospital?
(a) To encourage conversation.
(b) To sabotage their relationship.
(c) To protect Manna.
(d) To chaperone.

12. What holiday is the staff banquet celebrating at the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) New Year.
(b) Mao's birthday.
(c) Christmas.
(d) National Day.

13. What happens to Lin's weight when he falls ill with tuberculosis?
(a) He gains 20 pounds.
(b) Nothing.
(c) He loses 20 pounds.
(d) It fluctuates unpredictably.

14. Why do Lin's comrades object to his long, parted in the middle hairstyle?
(a) Because he looks too intellectual.
(b) Because he looks disheveled.
(c) Because he looks too vain.
(d) Because he looks too feminine.

15. On the hospital camp-and-field training, what does Lin do to help Manna and the other nurses when they stop for the night?
(a) He treats their blistered feet.
(b) He helps convince a commander to let them go home.
(c) He gives them advice.
(d) He brings them clean clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which revolutionary party is Manna interested in joining?

2. What reason does Lin give Shuyu for wanting a divorce?

3. Aside from Latin, what languages must nurses learn to be promoted to assistant doctor?

4. What unnerves Manna about Geng Yang when she sees him at the bus stop?

5. On his first day in Muji City, what is Liang Meng's reason for needing to return home so soon?

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