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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the difference between Lin's side of the room and his roommates' side?
(a) His roommates are very messy.
(b) His roommates have no books.
(c) His roommates have news clippings on their walls.
(d) His roommates have photos of celebrities on their walls.

2. Who does Lin believe is the key player in making his divorce successful?
(a) Bensheng.
(b) Manna.
(c) Shuyu.
(d) Ran Su.

3. Early in her fixation, what deters Manna's pursuance of Lin?
(a) Other's discouragement.
(b) His wife giving birth.
(c) Manna's respect for the sanctity of marriage.
(d) Manna's obedience to the rules.

4. What rare food does Bensheng bring to Lin's house?
(a) Cabbage.
(b) Caviar.
(c) Shrimp.
(d) Duck.

5. What unnerves Manna about Geng Yang when she sees him at the bus stop?
(a) His quietness.
(b) His flirtatious attitude.
(c) His clothing.
(d) His grin.

6. What is the identifying feature of the woman who Lin sleeps with in his dream?
(a) Her voice.
(b) Her long fingers.
(c) Her thin face.
(d) A birthmark on her arm.

7. What does Liang Meng give as his reason for staying in Muji City for the summer?
(a) To visit Lin.
(b) To get medical care.
(c) To experience exciting city life.
(d) To take wood carving classes.

8. When the hospital goes to see the film, how does Manna act regarding feelings for Lin?
(a) She tells him outright.
(b) She is very indiscreet.
(c) She keeps them a secret.
(d) Lin feels curious of her feelings.

9. While recapping her meeting with the commissar, Manna tells Lin Commissar Wei is more like a what than a warrior?
(a) Romantic.
(b) Barbarian.
(c) Woman.
(d) Scholar.

10. What does Lin compare himself to although he is married?
(a) A ladies' man.
(b) A widower.
(c) An adulterer.
(d) A bachelor.

11. What is Geng Yang's real reason for inviting Manna to his room?
(a) To profess his love to her.
(b) To give her a gift.
(c) To kill her.
(d) To sleep with her.

12. What does Lin's cousin ask for in his letter?
(a) Money.
(b) A recommendation for a job.
(c) A place to stay.
(d) To find him a wife.

13. What is Manna considered dangerously close to because of her age?
(a) Being sent to a less demanding hospital.
(b) Becoming an old maid.
(c) Becoming seriously ill.
(d) Getting fired from her job.

14. What rumor is going around the hospital about Lin's wife?
(a) She is having an affair with another doctor.
(b) She can't have children.
(c) She is eight years his senior.
(d) She wants to divorce him.

15. Aside from Latin, what languages must nurses learn to be promoted to assistant doctor?
(a) Tibetan and Japanese.
(b) Russian and German.
(c) Japanese and Korean.
(d) English and Japanese.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lin observe about Ran Su's feet?

2. Why does Manna want to learn to ride a bicycle?

3. What is the purpose of the newspaper article about Lin and Shuyu's divorce hearing?

4. What controversial items does Manna see in Lin's room?

5. What American poet does Commissar Wei recommend to Manna?

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