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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Geng Yang think Lin should sleep with Manna?
(a) For enjoyment.
(b) To motivate himself to divorce Shuyu.
(c) To have a child.
(d) To make Manna undesirable to other men.

2. On his first day in Muji City, what is Liang Meng's reason for needing to return home so soon?
(a) Lin told him to leave.
(b) He doesn't like the weather.
(c) His daughter is ill.
(d) He has run out of money.

3. What is the identifying feature of the woman who Lin sleeps with in his dream?
(a) Her voice.
(b) A birthmark on her arm.
(c) Her long fingers.
(d) Her thin face.

4. Aside from Latin, what languages must nurses learn to be promoted to assistant doctor?
(a) Japanese and Korean.
(b) Tibetan and Japanese.
(c) English and Japanese.
(d) Russian and German.

5. What do Manna and Liang Meng talk about when they first meet at the hospital?
(a) Lin.
(b) Grapes.
(c) The weather.
(d) Politics.

6. What unnerves Manna about Geng Yang when she sees him at the bus stop?
(a) His flirtatious attitude.
(b) His quietness.
(c) His grin.
(d) His clothing.

7. What does Liang Meng give as his reason for staying in Muji City for the summer?
(a) To experience exciting city life.
(b) To visit Lin.
(c) To get medical care.
(d) To take wood carving classes.

8. What happens to Lin's weight when he falls ill with tuberculosis?
(a) It fluctuates unpredictably.
(b) Nothing.
(c) He gains 20 pounds.
(d) He loses 20 pounds.

9. Where did Manna Wu's parents die?
(a) Shanghai.
(b) Tibet.
(c) Muji City.
(d) In their home.

10. Since Lin thinks that his divorce is unlikely, what does he propose Manna should do?
(a) Find another boyfriend.
(b) Kill his wife.
(c) Wait for him.
(d) Transfer to another hospital.

11. What is Geng Yang's real reason for inviting Manna to his room?
(a) To give her a gift.
(b) To kill her.
(c) To sleep with her.
(d) To profess his love to her.

12. Why is Manna hesitant to pursue sleeping with Lin?
(a) Because she doesn't want to manipulate Lin.
(b) Because she may be expelled from the army.
(c) Because she doesn't want to get pregnant.
(d) Because she is a virgin.

13. What is Lin's concern about Manna becoming engaged to another man?
(a) She will continue to carry on her affair with Lin.
(b) She might be taken advantage of.
(c) He isn't ready to lose her.
(d) She will be cheated on.

14. What does Manna compare herself to at the prospect of her engagement to Commissar Wei?
(a) A flower in bloom.
(b) A princess.
(c) A thief.
(d) A prostitute.

15. How long have Lin and Shuyu been separated for at the beginning of "Waiting"?
(a) Seven years.
(b) Eighteen years.
(c) Four months.
(d) Two years.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Lin Kong's wife, Shuyu, live?

2. What rumor is going around the hospital about Lin's wife?

3. What is the reason Manna gives Lin for wanting to sleep with him?

4. What do the villagers in Goose Village think of Shuyu?

5. What is the purpose of the newspaper article about Lin and Shuyu's divorce hearing?

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