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1. Why does Shuyu's brother object to Lin's wish for a divorce?

Shuyu's brother, Bensheng, objects to Lin's request for a divorce in the courtroom because she hesitates and will not answer for herself. His argument is that Shuyu has always served the Kong family very well by taking care of Lin's sick mother and raising their daughter on her own. He portrays her as almost a slave to Lin and his family.

2. Why is Manna hesitant to become engaged to Mai Dong before her graduation? What is their deciding factor in holding off their engagement?

Manna hesitates to accept Mai Dong's proposal because there is a rule at the school against students having affairs with the local officers. If a girl becomes engaged to an officer, she is admitting an affair. She is afraid she and Mai Dong will be assigned to different cities if the school becomes aware of their relationship. Manna asks Lin Kong for advice who convinces both of them to wait until after Manna's graduation before becoming engaged.

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