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Goose Village - This is the name for a small, traditional community in rural China where Shuyu and Hua live.

Muji City - This is the name for the city where Lin and Manna live and work in the hospital.

Wujia Town - This place is located eighteen miles west of Goose Village where Lin and Shuyu ask for a divorce each summer.

Muji City Hospital - This is the name for the insular community where Lin and Manna work.

Heart - This is the name for a recurring symbol that represents the soul and the repercussions of Lin and Manna's relationship.

Books - These are not approved by the Communist Party. Lin has a collection of them and Commissar Wei and Manna discuss them during their meeting.

Herbal/Folk Remedies - This is the name for a representation of old ways versus new and more modern...

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