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Goose Village

This is the name for a small, traditional community in rural China where Shuyu and Hua live.

Muji City

This is the name for the city where Lin and Manna live and work in the hospital.

Wujia Town

This place is located eighteen miles west of Goose Village where Lin and Shuyu ask for a divorce each summer.

Muji City Hospital

This is the name for the insular community where Lin and Manna work.


This is the name for a recurring symbol that represents the soul and the repercussions of Lin and Manna's relationship.


These are not approved by the Communist Party. Lin has a collection of them and Commissar Wei and Manna discuss them during their meeting.

Herbal/Folk Remedies

This is the name for a representation of old ways versus new and more modern methods, that the characters frequently turn to when...

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