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Lesson 1 (from Prologue | Part 1, Chapter 1)


The Prologue and Chapter 1 of Part 1 establish the rules and context of this Chinese society as well as the personalities and tendencies of key characters. In this lesson, discuss these characters and their personalities in relation to these societal rules.


1) Class Discussion: The love lives of the characters in "Waiting" are depicted by their adherence or violation of the rules of marriage and relationships. There are strict rules set by both the larger society as well as private institutions, such as the hospital Lin works at. Is it true that society sees the rights or wrongs that an individual commits to their significant other are insignificant, but that the most important is doing right or wrong by the rules? So far, what side of this line of "right and wrong" are the characters falling into?

2) Groups: Divide the class into two groups. Ask one group...

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