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Lin Kong - This character is a doctor in the Chinese Army who is trying to get a divorce.

Manna Wu - This character is a nurse in the Chinese Army who has had many failed relationships.

Shuyu Kong - This character has bound feet and is a traditional woman and wife who lives in Goose Village.

Hua Kong - This character is caught in the middle of her parents' divorce and has a boyfriend in the navy.

Bensheng Liu - This character is a greedy and selfish person who is offended by his brother-in-law's attempt to divorce his sister.

Mai Dong - This character intends to marry Manna Wu before being transferred.

Commissioner Guohong Wei - This character is a well-read and high-ranking party official who is looking for a spouse.

Geng Yang - This character is predatory and cold, and is known for his stern...

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