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Chapter Abstracts

Prologue | Part 1, Chapter 1

• Lin Kong returns home and unsuccessfully tries to divorce his wife, as he does every year.

• Lin has a girlfriend, Manna Wu, at the hospital in Muji City where he works as a doctor.

• Manna had a relationship with an officer while in nursing school.

• Manna kept her affair with Mai Dong a secret.

• Manna's fianc√© broke of their engagement to marry his cousin in Shanghai.

Part 1, Chapter 2 | Part 1, Chapter 3

• Lin and Manna become good friends.

• Lin has many foreign books in his room.

• Manna helps Lin put covers on his books because they are forbidden.

• The hospital staff goes on an on-foot camp-and-field training.

• Manna and the other nurses are very tired and have blisters on their feet.

• Lin treats the nurses' blisters.

Part 1, Chapter 4 | Part 1, Chapter 5

• Manna begins to develop feelings for Lin.

• Manna understands that he is a married man with a...

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