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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Robin tolerate Russell's indifference?
(a) He is handsome.
(b) He is her boss.
(c) She does not think she can attract anyone else.
(d) She wants to be married and have children.

2. When does Gloria become pregnant with Tarik?
(a) Five years ago after an office party.
(b) She is a senior in high school after prom.
(c) After she marries Tariq's father.
(d) She is a senior in college during a frat party.

3. Arriving at John's software company, what does Bernadine do?
(a) Barges in on him in a meeting.
(b) Bursts in on John and Kathleen in John's office.
(c) Set the building on fire.
(d) Makes an appointment to meet with him.

4. What does Savannah resent about the executive world?
(a) It is not as exciting as she had thought it would be.
(b) How wealthy they are.
(c) It is male-dominated and keeps her in a middle management position.
(d) That they do not take responsibility for their actions and put the blame on people such as herself.

5. What does she tell her mother is the reason for leaving the children there?
(a) She is starting a new job.
(b) She needs a vacation.
(c) She needs some time to think.
(d) She and John are going on a romantic trip.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Robin upset about seeing Michael?

2. Robin comes to the realization that Michael is a nice, considerate man, but why does she want to end the relationship?

3. How is Michael different from the other men Robin has dated?

4. Why is Robin's mother always pleased to see Robin?

5. How does Bernadine feel when she learns this about John?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Savannah end up meeting Lionel at the New Year's Eve party?

2. What does Bernadine first learn about John's assets?

3. How is John causing Bernadine more stress?

4. What is Savannah's first impression of Lionel?

5. What do Savannah and Robin discuss in the steam room?

6. What does Bernadine do after hearing John's news?

7. Why is John's decision not too surprising?

8. What has Robin done for Russell?

9. What has Bernadine's attorney discovered about John?

10. What realization does Robin come to, regarding Michael?

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