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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gloria do when she arrives home?
(a) She goes straight to bed.
(b) Puts on her pajamas and watches a movie.
(c) Takes a shower.
(d) She changes into a swimsuit and jumps into her backyard pool.

2. What is wrong with Philip?
(a) He has shingles.
(b) He is upset with his boyfriend.
(c) He has quit working at the salon.
(d) He was in a car accident.

3. To what does Savannah return to at home?
(a) An empty home.
(b) Kenneth on her doorstep.
(c) Two voice messages.
(d) A home that has been burglarized.

4. Where does Robin find her wallet?
(a) At Troy's home.
(b) In her carport.
(c) In her purse.
(d) In her car.

5. What wakes Gloria early one morning?
(a) Thunder.
(b) A piercing crash.
(c) Construction work.
(d) A big moving van.

6. What does Michael say when Robin calls his home?
(a) He has forgotten about the date.
(b) He decided not to meet her.
(c) He does not show up to get revenge.
(d) He fell asleep and just woke up.

7. Who does Savannah suggest that stole Robin's wallet?
(a) Bernadine.
(b) Gloria.
(c) Troy.
(d) Troy's son.

8. What happens when Robin calls Troy's house to tell him she cannot come to dinner that night?
(a) His mother answers.
(b) Troy convinces her to give him another chance.
(c) Troy forces her to come over.
(d) Troy's son answers, excited to meet her.

9. Who does Savannah meet at a conference?
(a) Her father.
(b) Charles Turner.
(c) An ex-boyfriend.
(d) Robin.

10. Who is with Gloria at the hospital?
(a) Tarik.
(b) Tarik, Marvin, Bernadine, Savannah and Robin.
(c) Her mother and sister.
(d) Bernadine, Savannah, and Robin.

11. Why does Savannah encourage Gloria to start planning her life?
(a) She is not getting any younger.
(b) So she can afford her salon.
(c) So she will be happier.
(d) Tarik will be leaving home soon.

12. What does Russell do when he finally returns?
(a) Hugs Robin.
(b) Takes a shower.
(c) Goes to bed immediately.
(d) Packs his things.

13. Why does Savannah decline Kenneth's offer?
(a) She does not want to marry anyone.
(b) Kenneth has not filed for divorce yet.
(c) She does not want to leave Phoenix.
(d) She does not want him to move to Phoenix.

14. Why do Savannah's friends not seem interested to hear about her trip to Las Vegas?
(a) Because they are jealous.
(b) They are all sick with food poisoning.
(c) There is a crisis while she is away.
(d) Because of their own relationship situations.

15. What are Gloria's three best friends and Marvin awaiting?
(a) Her arrival in the progressive care unit.
(b) News of her recovery.
(c) Her son Tarik.
(d) More information from the doctor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Gloria in the hospital?

2. What does Savannah realize about Kenneth?

3. How do Savannah, Bernadine and Robin plan to celebrate Gloria's birthday?

4. How does Robin feel about the group of men smoking marijuana joints and crack cocaine?

5. What happens soon after Savannah leaves the restaurant?

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