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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Savannah's mother urge her to do?
(a) Forget about Kenneth.
(b) Get a new job.
(c) Find a husband.
(d) Let Kenneth back into her life.

2. Why does Russell want Robin to stop calling his home?
(a) He is getting a new phone number.
(b) He does not want to talk to her.
(c) His phone bill is too high.
(d) His wife is getting annoyed.

3. Why does Bernadine leave the Scottsdale Princess resort?
(a) The decor is very tacky.
(b) The atmosphere in the restaurant is too sedate for Bernadine's mood.
(c) Her meal was not adequate.
(d) She had not realized how expensive it was.

4. What has happened to James' wife?
(a) She is divorcing him.
(b) She has moved out.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She has succumbed to cancer.

5. What does Savannah advise Bernadine to do?
(a) Not to wait too long to get James into her life.
(b) Go to James' wife's funeral.
(c) Forget James.
(d) Spend more time with her children.

6. Why is Gloria in the hospital?
(a) She has had a massive heart attack.
(b) She is having a hysterectomy.
(c) She is visiting a friend.
(d) She is having a baby.

7. What does Michael say when Robin calls his home?
(a) He has forgotten about the date.
(b) He fell asleep and just woke up.
(c) He decided not to meet her.
(d) He does not show up to get revenge.

8. What does Savannah vow?
(a) To never have a boyfriend again.
(b) To never go back to her old job.
(c) To leave Phoenix as soon as possible.
(d) To never be so vulnerable with a man again.

9. What does Bernadine learn about Kathleen?
(a) She wants to apologize to Bernadine.
(b) She is leaving John.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She is adopting Bernadine's children.

10. What does Savannah realize about Kenneth?
(a) He is annoying and rude.
(b) He is very egotistical.
(c) He only wants to sleep with her.
(d) He had been in love with her when they dated.

11. What do Savannah, Robin, Gloria, and Bernadine agree to host at some later time?
(a) A dinner party for their families to get to know one another.
(b) Their own Sisters' Nite Out for just the four of them.
(c) A pool party.
(d) A Sisters' Nite Out for all the members.

12. What decision is made at the Black Women on the Move meeting?
(a) Bernadine is sworn in as president.
(b) Where they will hold their next meeting.
(c) They vote on the location of the Sisters' Nite Out.
(d) The annual Sisters' Nite Out is cancelled.

13. Why do Savannah's friends not seem interested to hear about her trip to Las Vegas?
(a) They are all sick with food poisoning.
(b) There is a crisis while she is away.
(c) Because they are jealous.
(d) Because of their own relationship situations.

14. What does Kenneth ask Savannah to do?
(a) Find him a home in Phoenix.
(b) Meet him in Palm Springs in a couple weeks.
(c) Marry him.
(d) Move to Boston.

15. Where does Robin find her wallet?
(a) In her purse.
(b) At Troy's home.
(c) In her carport.
(d) In her car.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Troy bring his son to Phoenix to live?

2. Why does James give Bernadine his phone number?

3. Why does Robin call Troy?

4. How do Savannah, Bernadine and Robin plan to celebrate Gloria's birthday?

5. What does Robin not admit about her missing wallet?

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